Friends [Michelle]


It was scarcely more than a whisper. I answered aloud. I don't know why I did that. "What do you want?" I said roughly.

~We want nothing from you. But you are lonely, aren't you? There is nobody here that talks to you, except the doctor. Everybody here is mad, and they live inside their own heads. In desperation you have retreated inside your own mind, to hide from the world around -- but you can never be alone, because we are there too.

"Maybe if you'd leave me alone! Maybe if you'd let me be myself for once, if you hadn't ruined my life already." I was angry now. They had pierced to the very heart of my distress and depression.

~But did we not tell you before that we can never leave you?~

Yes, yes, they had. And at the time it had scared me half to death. I had been younger. I did not know what to do -- I ran for help. But now I was older, and wiser too, possibly. I could face down these voices. This was my battle to fight, and I could win it.

"Maybe you did, but you never told me why. What do you want from the human race? What are we to you?"

~Many things. You are many things, and we want many things. But for now, we would settle for you to talk to us. We are the last of our people, and the others are long gone.~

"Why? I'm human. I don't understand half the things you talk about. Why on Earth would you want me to talk to you?" I was confused. It was so long since they talked to me without threatening me.

~Because sometimes we are afraid that we are losing our voices. We may never speak again. We have nobody left, either. We are lonely too, Michelle.~

The End

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