A creation story

There was a drop of water and inside the drop was a voice. The voice had been silent for all time until the moment. 

The voice released a shrill cry and the water drop shattered outwards in every direction. From the water drop, many drops were born creating a circle around the voice. The voice was no longer restricted by the water drop. The voice stopped its cry.

There was silence and the water drops seemed to breathe.

A low hum softly emerged from the voice, gaining volume slowly. The water drops vibrated slowly as the hum continued. A slightly higher tone from the voice engaged, running linear with the low tone. Together the tones shaped the water drops, hollowing the insides and enlarging the circumference of each drop. The drops expanded twice the size of the initial drop before the voice once again stopped.

The voice took its first breath, sucking deeply. The water drops spiraled inwards towards the voice, caught in its breath. The water drops were swallowed and the voice was alone. So the voice screamed.

Deafening, keening, high notes ripped through the darkness and continued. From the voice a river flowed upwards like a fountain and rained water. Still the voice continued to scream and many pitches arose from the voice to join the scream. The full spectrum of noise gave birth to solid particles that scattered outwards into the darkness joining with other particles and forming giant balls and still the voice continued. The balls drifted away from the voice as more were formed and pushed outwards, some merging with the drops, others merging with each other and a few crashing and breaking into smaller balls to drift through the darkness. The voice continued, and as it continued it broke its pattern.

The voice started to speak a language. And from the voice, blinding light flowed, collecting and swirling as gas balls, pushed outwards. The voice continued as the stars were born.

The voice spoke of many things and the things that it spoke of came from it and scattered outwards with the stars and the balls of mass. The space never filled, but continued for as long as the voice continued.

The voice has never stopped.  

The End

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