She felt her eyes widen in fear as she looked for a way out. There was none so, slowly, she turned back to the stranger. He was holding his hands up like he was surredering.

Amoretta dedsperatly wanted to change back and ask how he knew, but she was unable to.

"Please princess, trust me." He pleaded, Amoretta who had  suddenly got the feeling she knew the voice nodded uncertainly. "Change back so you can talk to me" He tried but she wasn't fooled she was in to much view of the palace so she shook her head in answer. Understanding flashed in the boys eyes. "Meet me in the clearing at midnight tonigh, please" He said turning to go and shouting "No! Nothing here are you shure she will still be in the forest?"

Amoretta turned to go thinking should she meet him or not?

The End

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