Pools of Blood

The noise was deafening. The sight was horrifying. Yet for some reason this place was hauntingly familiar. All around me was a pool of blood. The air carried the stench of death with it as it rushed past me, sending ripples through the lake of red at my feet. As I looked for a way around the blood, I saw a movement in the trees to my right. I blinked. Dismissing the movement as imagination, I continued my search for an exit from this liquid prison. There it was again. Just the slightest rustle of leaves in the same place as before. I licked my finger and held it in the air. The wind had stopped blowing. I stopped to listen for the first time and heard nothing. There was no birdsong or calls of forest animals. Absolute silence. Except for the rustle of leaves that became constant, every couple of seconds. Like they were beckoning me.
I made the decision to test the depth of the pool and see if I could walk through but I had yet to work up the courage. As if on cue, the lake parted before me. Now provided with a path towards the trees, I proceeded to investigate the rustling leaves.
I tripped on a root as I entered the forest. Strange. I was sure it hadn't been there before. With a quick roll i fell against the rough surface of a trunk. In that instant before hitting the tree, I saw what could only be described as nothing. No light. No dark. Nothing at all...

Although i thought i fell against a solid tree, when i hit it i almost immediately fell flat on my back

The End

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