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"Mommy, watch out for the water!" I shrieked. My mother looked at me with a puzzled expresion but kept walking. She was on the hard wood floor groaning in an instant. "Are you okay mommy?" I asked her as I ran to her side.   

"How did you know that there was water on the floor?" she groaned. I laughed. I had allready told her about my visions. Had she forgotten allready. "Nevermind." She said "Help me up, and then go to your room." I did as she asked. I sat on my bed, staring outside. I could see the big hospital in the distance.

That place always scared me. Sometimes I can hear screaming coming from there. Mommy and daddy refuse to tell me what they are screaming about. I saw my father's wagon appear out of the trees. He was finished with work early. I would stay in my room until they called me down for dinner.  


The moon was bright over my head as my parents and I walked down the small path, holding hands. Fireflies were lighting up around us. Crickets played their songs and frogs joined in. It was a beautiful night out tonight. I was surprised that my parents wanted to go for a walk. They usually like to stay home and read by the fire.   

 The creepy old hospital came into view. It was even more frightening up close. There was a man standing by the iron gates. He looked like a doctor. My parents stopped to talk with him. I heard my name several times. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying. Then I had the vision.            

The End

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