Vishakha Chandra

When Duty and Love are at cross roads, true love adheres to Duty, and the universe would see that the love does not go unrewarded. Does the same thing happen to Vishakha?

Chandra, a short for Chandra Gupta Maurya is a handsome, capable and patriotic youth who has given his life for the cause of strengthening his Motherland. Under the able and wise mentoring of his visionary Guru, Chaanakya (the author of Artha Shastra), He sets on his journey to fulfil his aims as well as the dream of his preceptor.

Vishakha, born into a house of Devadasis, seeks out true love and stops at nothing to live by her love. But given the social conditions at the prevailing times, will she be able to stand by her principles?

The final test of love is when the country calls. Let us see if this unique love story set around 300 BC in the Gangetic plains  of India has a message in store for today.

The End

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