The feculant bed oozed bad smell as well a rather disturbing black goo, Angelita looked down at it with distain, but said not aword of the many fould exclaimations running through her mind, she, as herpetulant mother continuosly reminded her, was a guest in this house,and must not speak ill of ito r its matron, the bulberous Dame Matild.  Angelita pulled the threadbare blanket from the matressand layed it down upon the hard,stone floor, it was at least dry,andhadless things living in it that the matress appeared to, it  would have to do. she lay down upon and wrapped it around her as best she could with out ripping anymore tares. Then he, williamstepped into the room, he the bane of her exsistance and her raison d'etre, and he thereason she wasstill in that filthy thing Dame Matild called a house, insteadof in Alaska with her father. William was Dame Matild's nephew, bboutbore noresemblancewhat so ever,hewasfair and tonnedwithhoney-coloured hair anddeep darkblueeyes, the kind you could get lost in, but didn't make a big deal about them selves.

The End

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