Another man

He wandered the earth alone. He knew all and nothing. He had no friends and no enemies. He was a knight of Hylaela, the kingdom of water.

Then one day, he gave his chivalrous heart to the queen of Geiala, the ancient kingdom of earth. On that day he lost everything.  And gained everything. And more.

When the Hag waged war on the Crone for the second time in history he led the troops of both kingdoms to help the Crone.  And the Hag stole his beloved.

And from that day he wandered the earth once again, watching the faith of the Crone disappear, as it was replaced with the faith of the Christ. He wandered the earth alone, looking for his beloved.

And his name was Glaiad.

Thus began one of my favourite historical novels. Glaiad was my favourite childhood hero, even though in most children's books he was portrayed as a bad person and the main antagonist. I would always fantasize that I was the queen of Geiala- the old name of Helaia, the country I lived in now- and that he would come and find me someday. In my imagination Glaiad had long light blonde hair, eyes in the colour of the sea, and the most beautiful face I could imagine. He wore mithril armour, white and shimmering, wet from the ocean, as knights of Hylaela were known to be able to breath underwater. His sword would be the most majestic on earth, his shield stronger than any rock. He would have a cape of the same colour as his eyes.

As I grew older my imaginings faded away, for I knew that such a man couldn't possibly exist. The stories couldn't be all true. Probably, if even Glaiad existed, he would have been dead by now.

I was remembering Glaiad now as I watered the plants outside of my house. I had started to make my new blue dress, but it wasn't going too well yet. Now I was doing everything I could to not return to sewing.

Of Gwydion I tried not to think. The fact that the stupid man was getting married to a witch was not my problem. Not my problem. Not my problem...

But then why had the Children chosen me?

The plants were watered. I stood straight and started to drink from the jug I used to water them.

Never mind the Children. The Children were heathens and devils, creatures of the night. I shouldn't pay much attention to their cheap tricks. In fact, it was evil of them to drug me and steal me away from my house.

No. Now I was thinking like the Reverend Mother. Back to...

'Milady, could you spare a mouthful of water for me?' a voice behind me asked.

I turned around.

It was Glaiad.

The End

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