The Truth

I woke up in my bed, clean, wearing my nightgown, the happenings of the previous night seeming to have been only dreams. I didn't feel tired, I didn't feel dazed. I did, however, feel hungry for meat, and my stew was finished. I got dressed and went down to the city.

I bought some meat for a stew, and, since I felt far too hungry to wait until I was home, I bought some roast pork on a skewer. I sat on a bench to eat. The delicious meat crackled as I bit it, the perfect juices, still hot from the fire, filled my mouth. I savoured every little chew and licked my lips. I then bit again and dragged the first little bit of meat off the skewer. Several minutes later I had finished all the meat, and while I still wanted more, I decided I could wait until I got home.

But I felt I wouldn't be going home right now.

Whether last night's happenings were a dream or not, they had taught me something. I needed to follow my urges, for they came from the Virgin herself. And now I felt the urge to walk around the city. I got up, washed my hands in a fountain and started to wander as the unseen force instructed me to. I wandered by the grand cathedral. I wandered near the ruined pagan temple. I crossed the river, not over the bridge, but over the stepping stones under it. I walked through the rich neighbourhood and through the poor neighbourhood. Finally, I entered a glamourous street with shops that sold ready food and offered a pleasant table to eat it at, which were called restaurants and were really quite old, but only became popular in the past few years. The unseen force instructed me to walk slowly now. So I put on my good hat, as the sun was shining very brightly, and strolled past the restaurants.

I sat down at a table and asked the waiter for a fruit dish. While I waited I watched the people at other tables.

There was a bearded man who had had too much to drink and was now crying into his napkin.

There were two old crones who were arguing about something while sipping herbal drinks. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I frequently caught the phrases 'never been better' and 'redherring in the woods'.

A little girl and her mother were sitting at the table next to me. The mother was scolding the girl for not having layed out her napkin over her knees. The girl couldn't care less: she had just gotten a fruit dish with chocolate and was savouring that.

At the table in front of me sat a couple. The young man I could see only from the back. The lady he was with was absolutely gorgeous. She had dark brown hair that was made elaborately into two braids consisting of many big and small braids. Her skin was very pale, making her dark-rimmed brown eyes and her full red lips stand out on her face. She was wearing a beautiful peach-coloured dress and a matching hat that must have cost a lot of money. Around her neck and in her ears she had pearls and on the fourth finger of her left hand she wore a diamond ring. She was telling something to the young man. I couldn't hear the exact words but her voice sounded like a gurgling stream. I heard the young man laugh. The woman looked at me and then continued to talk to the man. The man looked at me too, clearly trying not to seem too obvious. I noticed he was also wearing a ring. The couple must have been engaged. Then he turned away and continued to talk to the woman.

When my fruit dish came I ate it, paid and went straight home, shaken by what I'd seen.

The man in the restaurant had been Gwydion.

The End

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