Knock knock

As I waited for him I quietly sang all the hymns I knew in reverse alphabetical order, just to keep myself busy. I did that a lot. When one lives alone one invents many insane ways to not die of boredom. Finally someone knocked on my door. I jumped to my feet and walked, ever so slowly, to the door. I could see the handle getting closer and closer. It was as if I could already feel it in my hand, as if I already heard the door creaking open. Finally, after what seemed like an age, I arrived at the door, and I pulled it open.

'Good morning, milady,' spoke the man.

I looked up at his smiling face. He looked quite radiant. His fair hair shone in the bright sun and his friendly blue eyes sparkled like sapphires. His skin was tanned and he had overall the complexion, the body of one who had travelled a lot. He was the most handsome man I'd ever seen.

'Good morning, dear sir,' I replied with a curtsey.

The gentleman laughed.

'Please, do call me by my name, Gwydion,' he said with a bow.

'Certainly, Sir Gwydion. Please, do come in, out of the cold,' I smiled at him.

Gwydion entered my house. In an instant it was as if the sun himself had decided to fall from the sky inside my home. Gwydion strode confidently to my table and sat down at it.

'Would you like a herbal drink, Sir Gwydion?' I asked, closing the door.

'Indeed I would. It is cold outside and I am tired, and I have yet to make the trip back to the city,' he said.

As I put the water and herbs over the fire I said:

'I would offer you my donkey, if I had one...'

Gwydion laughed. I liked his laugh. It sounded a bit like a church bell ringing.

'I take it your business here is going well?' I asked.

The man took the basket he was carrying and put it on the table.

'It is. Well, as far as it can be going, I've only been here for a week, and only started the business yesterday,' he said as he started to lay out his grasses on the table and sort them into little bundles.

Yesterday! Could it really have been only yesterday that I saw him for the first time? It feels like I've known him forever.

I helped him sort his grasses and herbs and weeds and we had tea together. Then he left, saying:

'I suppose I might see you tomorrow, milady. Till then!'

As I cleaned up after him I still wondered.

Could it really have been only yesterday?

The End

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