Chapter 2Mature


"What was I doing again?" Maryella stood in front of the teapot on the dainty little table in the middle of her kitchen ,that was housed in a small cottage. With her hands on her small hips, she stood there utterly confused.

"Two sugars." Riddlesworth said with a slight sigh in his voice.

"Ah yes, that was it." Maryella carried on making the tea with enthusiasm as Riddlesworth sat reading a very large leather bound book that hid his face.  Maryella sat on one of the four chairs and sipped her tea.

The cottage was a traditional one. With the roses over the front door and the thatched roof. You would of thought you entered a fairytale.  The only trouble was that it wasn't in a fairytale, not quite a nightmare but somewhere in-between. After all, there's two sides to everything.

"Is there any news?" Maryella broke the silence as she set down her tea in the little saucer and straightened out the lace table cloth nervously. Riddlesworth set down his book slowly to reveal half a handsome face. The right side had fallen, nobody knew when. Not even Riddlesworth himself could remember, or so he said. Only his left side showed any emotion, it was like half of himself had died inside and half of his face shows it. His right eye was in a little prison made of matchsticks, they rested on his face holding up his eyebrow to show two wise green eyes.  What surprised people and the odd creature, was that he could speak perfectly. Not a slur, nothing.

"Not yet." he rested his large hands on his lap.  Maryella nodded sadly. 

The End

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