Violets are DeadMature

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you

I slammed my locker in frustration and put the note in the back pocket of my jeans. Swinging my bag onto my back I walked briskly trough the school corridor and into the cafeteria.  I looked across the hall at the swarm of heads looking for who I wanted. To be more precise, the guy who wrote this poem. 

I walked behind a dark haired boy at one of the tables on the far end of the old hall. One of his friends indicated that I was coming, he turned "I see you have my poem" he smiled.

"Indeed  I have and it has to stop."

"Why?" he frowned. His hazel nut eyes looking up at me as he sat at the slightly crooked table with his three friends.

"Because it's ridiculous!"

"No it isn't" he protested. I can't believe he was actually doing this.

"Leave me alone Adam. Understand?... Good."  turning on my heel he grabbed my hand. He stood in front of me looking down into my blue eyes holding me there.

"What if I don't want to leave you alone."

"Roses are wilting,
Violets are dead," I spat the words out,
"Sugar is lumpy,
And so is your head.
There's my own personal poem to you. Happy now that I've returned the favour? Now leave me alone!" I shook him off and stormed back out getting some funny looks from my fellow students.

He had been doing this for weeks, the notes, the poems, he was my own personal stalker. I tried letting him down gently but that obviously didn't work. It was tough love from now on. I just hope I didn't come down like a ton of bricks just now.

The End

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