My earliest memory…it’s hard to remember…I’m on a small dock. There is a small boat tied to the small dock with a medium sized cat sat on the bench inside the small boat tied to the small dock. I’m looking across, there is a large city, it’s floating on water, the buildings are all made of stone and some of them have green plants growing along their arches and up their pillars, slithering out of the water like withered serpents. The water is a blue-greyish colour and is mirroring the glowing reflection of the metropolis. There are buildings on either side and there is a clear pathway of water. I am small and now I’m looking up at a man, a crusader of sorts and why, I cannot tell, I have his hand clutched very tightly in mine. He is wearing a dark cloak which is drawn and hooded so I cannot see his eyes. He smiles down at me and I am at ease, then I look to the sky and it is white…bright. This is my earliest memory, and my latest. I have no idea how I got where I am, what day it is or how old I am. I am fleeing over rooftops with nothing but a sword, a name and a necklace. My name, is Viola.

A/N: Right, this is a new work that just appeared in my head without much warning and that is why it's so short. I'm not sure how it's going to go because it was so abrupt but hopefully it will come with time, so i'll try and stick with it~

Sleep the sleep of the just, xHatGirlx~~ xxx

The End

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