The new kid

Clair Backwater was by any means not normal…well in the most normal sense normal can be. For one, she was born into a rather renowned family of Hero’s and ex-hero’s. Her father and mother, her two older brothers, her aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it, they were all hero’s….well all but one. Her great-grandfather, no one ever spoke of him…it was taboo. He was the ‘first’ villain within the family, a disgrace, and as it turns out, so is Clair.


Her family was horrified to learn of her ‘beastly powers’. No I’m being serious; her power was to transform into a monster….were-wolf….well were-beast is the correct term. Most were-beasts have 3 or 4 different animal forms, all depending on the person’s personality, soul and all that do-da. You must understand there are certain powers that most people believe to be ‘evil’. They’re not of course, you can’t get ‘good’ and ‘evil’ powers….just powers of a light or dark aspect. Were-beasting is one of the, let’s say ‘darker’ powers….supposedly.


So that is how our 13 year old villainess found herself, alone, outside the Villains Academy gates. Alone. Her brothers made her walk the hour from their house to the school. It took only around 20 minutes by car, but they thought it’d be funny to drive off without her. Luckily she always left early, so she was only half an hour late….not too bad for her first day.


Taking a deep breath she stepped through the main gates, clutching her black and blue messenger bag close to her chest. Black and blue, those were the only two colours she seemed to wear. Baggy dark blue jeans, tight black tank top, loose sky blue jacket, even black and blue skull sneakers! Well they were black and white but she coloured them in with highlighter. Her once golden blonde hair had been long dyed black with blue streaks. In fact the only feature that wasn’t black or blue was her tanned skin and amber eyes. But her eyes were lined with black eyeliner so it’s all good.


Clair took her time walking down the deserted hallways, analysing her surroundings. The lino flooring was cracked, the wallpaper was pealing, several lockers were without doors and many had large dents and burn marks on them. The lights flickered and the whole place smelt funny….certainly gave off a villainess setting.


When she finally reached the office she pushed the creaky double doors open. A women who looked to be in her 50’s glanced up from the computer screen. Greying brown hair fell from it’s tight bun. Stress lines and wrinkles adorned the woman’s face, in fact if it weren’t for the burning coal black eyes she would have looked quite defeated.


“Who’re you?” she asked in a not so friendly way

“C-clair….I-I’m the new student” Clair stuttered, holding her bag closer to her chest,


The woman gave her a once over, taking in everything about the girl. Obviously rebellious clothing, but a timid personality, too skinny for her own good and long sleeved clothing even though it was spring.

“Super-Hero family?”

Clair’s eyes widened as she nodded grimly, she was hoping to keep that a secret,

“Ah, that explains everything” The woman’s tone softened as she began typing on the computer. She printed off several sheets of paper and handed the girl them plus a key.

“Ok hun, those sheets are your timetable, a map and a few other things you’ll find handy. Even though you live with your family, that’s the key to your dorm. All students have a dorm….trust me you’ll want to take the option.”


The change in attitude and tone confused Clair, she tilted her head slightly and went to ask, before stopping herself, remembering her fathers strict ‘No asking, no talking’ policy, the lady took the hint though,

“You come from a super-Hero family…you won’t last long if you stay at that house. You only just discovered your powers right?”

Clair nodded,

“So went across the street for the last few years?”

 Another nod

“Good luck hun. You’ll need it”


Clair was left confused by the encounter, what had she meant? She shrugged it off. Glancing at her timetable and then her map she made her way to her supposed English class. She arrived all too soon in her opinion. Taking a deep breath she knocked and entered the room. It was an average classroom to say….well that was except for the teacher bashing a students head against the white board saying

“Twilight. Is not. Literature.”  With every syllable.

“Um excuse me?” Clair asked in her quiet tone

“Vo are you?” The tall teacher asked in his thick Russian accent.

“Um…I’m Clair…the new student” Clair was beginning to regret not running when she had the chance,

“Oh! Vright. Um…yeah sit in spot there.” Obviously their English teacher wasn’t very fluent in English.


She took her seat quietly, aware of all the eyes watching her. Some were curious as to why a kid was coming in the middle of the term, instead of at the beginning. She didn’t look like a freshmen. Clair tilted hear head so her black and blue hair fell in front of her face. The cap she wore hid her canine ears that had developed. The teacher didn’t seem to notice,

“Ok…you read chapter’s three to four. I drink Vi Vodka”

‘…maybe I should have runway….this is going to be a looong year’ Clair mentally mused

The End

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