Villians Academy

There have always been villains and there have always been heros and there have always been villians. Now some idiot has set up a high school for villians and a high school for heros right across the road from eachother! But a new student is about to shake the foundations of tradition like never before.

For as long as history has existed the ancient battle between good and evil, dark and light, villains and hero’s. We all know the age old tale, and I know we are all tired of it…well I am anyway. Throughout all of history we hear about all the times the hero’s have one. It’s all ‘hero this’ and ‘hero that’ We hear all about how the hero’s are so good and so pure and blah blah BLAH!


Pft, if only you knew the truth about these so called ‘hero’s’ They aren’t as ‘nice’ as history tells. I mean all the villains want is to be accepted….you know, to have their place in the world, but hero’s say that they can’t. That their not allowed to be different, that they can’t follow their hearts. So they were driven to the darkness, where no one could see what they did. And they liked it, nay, loved it. And so as the years became centuries, and the centuries turned to Millennia, the villains power grew.


Now let me introduce you to the single most stupid thing the city mayor has ever done. On a single street he built two high schools. Not just any high schools, no that’s be too simple. He just had to create two schools for the super powered. And just to make things that much more complicated, they were a Hero and Villain school!!!


So one side of the street hails Hero’s Academy, for the super-powered protectors of tomorrow. Here you’ll study many course such as ‘Power control’ ‘Moral conduct’ ‘Law and the loopholes villains use’ oh and my favorite ‘How to defeat your arch-enemy’

You have the on campus shopping mall, a large Gymnasium and Rugby field. Oh did I forget to mention the 8 meter tall towers and 6 meter high walls that surround the properties and the plasma fences on top of them. A really nice lawn in front of the school though, nice and green…lushes.


Anyway, directly across the road the Villains Academy rules, the academy for the two powered or just super-smart bad-doers and politicians of tomorrow. Lessons include ‘Hacking for dummies’ ‘Power control’ ‘Loopholes in law’ and of course ‘How to keep those stupid hero’s from killing you in your sleep’ It’s basically an exact copy of the Hero’s academy…but more run down. The Principal of the Hero’s Academy, nicknamed Poseidon for his control of water, will tell you it’s because they are trying to ‘maintain their dark and gloomy feel’    


Athena, principal of the Villains Academy, will tell you it’s because all funds seem to go towards the Hero’s Academy. Whatever money they do have mysteriously disappears overnight. Poseidon claims it’s the ‘no-good-students’ But why would they? VA (That’s what they call Villains Academy) is the best thing that has ever happened to them. A place where their not judged because maybe their parents were villains or something. Everyone knows that the Geek Hero’s hack into their system, stealing their data and money.


The really bad part, the database of the Hero’s is completely impenetrable. Every hacker has tried and all have failed. There’s a legend at VA that once, many years ago, there was an ice bender. This ice bender was the best hacker, and legend tells that they are the only person to ever be able to hack into the Hero’s database. They were from that day forth known as Hack. Every generation of Villains generates one villain worthy of the title Hack.


Many names have gone down in the Villainess hall of infamy; only few ever earned the title of Hack. Many have tried and many have failed, but we won’t worry about the Hack for now. You’re probably wondering why there are nicknames? To tell you the truth no one knows why. It’s tradition. Whenever new batches of villains come in they have to prove themselves worthy of a nickname. Until such a time you are treated like trash…no worse…hero’s. Once you have earned a nicknamed then and only then will you be accepted.


Once you truly become a villain, via earning your nickname, then they’ll stick by you no matter what. Because villains stick together and watch each others backs (contrary to popular belief) because if they don’t stick up for each other….then who will?


Now how do you get into villains academy you may ask, well it’s actually quite sad in some ways. You see most villains don’t even get to see their 30th birthday, by then they would have been killed by the so called ‘hero’s’ the rest are just rotting in jail. This means that practically all the students are orphans or worse. Almost all students stay on campus all year round, there are a few exceptions….they never seem reach their final year.


Kids from villain parents make up the majority, and then you have kids from families with no powers and are too scared of their kids so just ship them off. Then you got what I think is the worst group to be in. The black sheep group. Every now and then a child living in a ‘hero’ family will ‘turn bad’ all their really doing is rebelling. These kids get it worse off, because they have to live at home.


I have faced so many cases of abuse and neglect from ‘hero’ families. It’s heart breaking. Villains are not pure evil, in fact we’re hardly evil at all! Hero’s these days and even in the old days only protected the rich and the powerful. Those who ‘deserved’ to be protected. Don’t let fairy tales and history fool you. Us villains are like the Robin, and Robyn Hood’s of society. We keep the hero’s in their place.


People aren’t going to like this, but the truth must be revealed. For so long I’ve sat back and kept quiet about our treatment. But a single child changed all that. A single child and her small group of misfit friends shock the foundations of tradition. If a child is able to stand up against the world then so can I. This is the true story of Clair Backwater, the girl who took on the world and wiped the smug looks off those hero’s faces

The End

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