Tears rolled down his face, as he watched on in dismay.

            “You were supposed to be the one, the one that helped us not hurt us!” he screamed to the figure standing tall in front of him.

            The man just stared down at him as if not really seeing him at all, just seeing the skin and bones that he was but not his soul. A dark grin crossed his face.

            Alex tried to look for his friend in this inhuman monster, but only saw the black eyes that lead to the black soul that was probably always there.

            “I was supposed to be nothing. You wanted me to be your patsy, your little run of the mill superhero, so that you could leech onto something outside of your pathetic existence that you call a life,” he grinned wider as his harsh words cut deep into Alex.

            “Well here I am, all powerful and no one, not even you can stop me Alex. Why did you even come here, did you actually think you had a chance against me?”

            Alex dared to look past him for a moment at the figure slumped against the edge of the rooftop. The girl he loved, the girl who never really knew but he always admired her from a distance. Now she was here, unconscious, probably about to suffer the same fate as he was, maybe worse.

            He followed Alex’s cautious glance.

            “You’re concerned about your lady friend there?” he sneered, “Don’t worry Alex I promise I’ll take real good care of that precious peach.”

It was all because of him, because he could not see the blackness that had spread into his friend years ago.

            Maybe he just had chosen to ignore it.

It didn’t matter anyways now, he was about to die in a few moments. Crushed by the young man that he had once thought to be his best friend in the whole world.

“Alex just close your eyes and it will be fast, I promise you that much my friend,” his dark companion eased, “I’ll end it quickly for you, because you helped create me.”

“You have to consider what about your parents Jack, what about Abby?” Alex tried to reason with him, “What would your little sister think of you doing this?”

He swallowed thickly his heart beating fast. He could feel it against his chest as though it were about to beat right out of his body.

Jack seemed to chew on this for a moment before answering.

“Abby will understand, she always did before,” he growled, but quietly as though trying to just convince himself, “my parents don’t matter, they never understood anyways.”

He began to advance on Alex slowly now letting this last little interlude become an after thought. His deep black eyes were focused directly on Alex’s soft brown ones.

“It doesn’t matter what you say or do now Alex, I am going to kill you,” he said, menacingly, “you never understood either Alex. What its like to have the power, the power to crush anyone that got in my way.”

He smiled cruelly again his teeth gleaming white.

“Now you’re in my way Alex,” he chimed, “the last person I would have expected. But here we are, you and me, and you’re in my way. So you see I have to kill you because if not, you’ll always be in my way. Always figure out a way to be in my way.”

Alex could see by his face that he was far from having touch with reality. He was a man pushed over the edge, too far gone already for anyone to save him.

 Alex closed his eyes tightly, his life began to flash before his eyes, and it took him away from the menacing now to the light hearted months ago, when all this had begun.

The End

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