Chapter 3, The Robbery

Volt and his team would have jumped into their team vehicle and sped over to the bank, reaching it in a few minutes.

If they had a vehicle. If they were above the speeding laws.

So, they were forced to jump into a few taxis, going at 40 miles an hour, and reached the bank in twenty minutes.

Slo-Mo traveled on his own.

The bank was a solid structure, built in the 60s. The doors were big and wide, and made of sturdy hardwood.

"Take your positions," Volt called out.

The rest of the team nodded, and withdrew guns from their jackets. Sure, they had superpowers, but guns are always welcome. They stood at various places around the door, their guns drawn.

Volt built up a charge in one hand, clenching his fist. Soon enough, that fist started cackling with electricity, and with the gun in the other hand, he kicked open the door.

"Freeze!" He yelled. The team burst in, aiming at various people. Then they all paused. This didn't look like a bank.

They were in a large room, with a curtain covering one wall. There was a stage, with a man standing on it. The man was wearing a suit, a top hat, a cloak, and was carrying a small cane. He looked like a small time magician.

The Plumber was beside Volt, and at this point he whispered, "Did we get the right address?"

Volt stopped the charge in his hand and reached into his pocket, still keeping the gun trained on the magician. He took out his phone, and started dialing a number.

"Excuse me," the magician popped up politely.

Volt fired a shot into the air without looking up. The magician stayed silent.

He held the phone to his ear. In a few seconds, Vertigo picked up.

"Vertigo, I'm at the address you told me. Are you sure this is the bank? It looks more like-"

"Volt!" Vertigo hissed back. His voice sounded strained. "I'm tied up right now!"

"Hey, no need to be rude."

"No, I mean I'm literally tied up! It's The Accountant! Him, some guy named Typewriter and another named Houdini are robbing the place! They tied me up, drugged me with something."

"Are you okay?" Volt asked, watching the magician. The magician was entertaining the crowd of people gathered at the bank by pulling out a rabbit from his top hat.

"I can't concentrate on anything, and I can't use my powers. They didn't know I had a phone, and they didn't tie my arms really well, but I'm stuck here in the vault, and I might run out of air."

"Wait, where are you?" Volt asked amidst the clapping and cheering of the crowd.

"I'm at the bank! They're hiding it with the curtains!"

Volt was puzzled for a moment, but then it clicked. He aimed his hand at the steel railing holding the curtains up, and lighting shot from his hand, making a deafening noise and blasting the railing from the ceiling. The curtains followed, and revealed what they had been covering.

The teller windows had been concealed by the curtain, along with the five tellers who were tied up with their mouths covered in duct tape. There were several duffel bags filled with money, along with the people filling them.

One of them had glasses, was wearing a work shirt and slacks. The other had long hair, was wearing a T-Shirt and jeans, and wasn't actually filling the bags. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor, watching something on his laptop. Evidently, it was something quite emotional, there were tears welling in his eyes.

The man with the glasses looked up and saw the Villain Fixers.


The Accountant looked up and saw the Villain Fixers. He leaped backwards into cover, behind the stage.

He looked over to Typewriter. The idiot was still watching those horrible soap operas on that laptop.

"Typewriter!" He yelled. Typewriter sighed and looked up.

"What is it this time? I hate having to pause my episodes of the soaps."

The Accountant pointed at the superhero team. Typewriter followed the finger, saw what was at the end of it, gulped, closed his laptop, and dived behind the stage as well.

Houdini was still on the stage, and the heroes were about to attack. He didn't need to take cover like those other two simpletons. He was Houdini, he was invincible.

"Aha, welcome, heroes. I see you didn't fall for this little ruse," Houdini said, and with that, he took the cloak off of his shoulders, and threw it into the air. It immediately grew in size, and covered the entire crowd, except for the Villain Fixers.

Suddenly, it crumpled into the ground, the bystanders no longer underneath it.

"There, now that those pesky civilians are out of the way, we can-"

He was interrupted by several speeding bullets, fired by various members of the team, hitting his torso. He stumbled back, but regained his footing. Then he smiled. He took off his suit top, dropping deformed pieces of lead on the ground. He hid it behind his back, and when he brought it out it had transformed into a cloak identical to the one he had earlier.

Volt looked down and saw that the cloak was no longer on the floor.

"Guns? Heroes Incorporated don't usually use guns," Volt said, still smiling. "This must be a very special occasion."

The Villain Fixers team looked at each other and chuckled.

Volt shook his head, grinning, and said, "We're not-"

"Enough!" Houdini said, the smile gone from his face. "Prepare to meet your end, heroes."

And then Slo-Mo crashed into the skylights above him.

The thing about glass breaking is that it happens so suddenly. When glass broke in the immediate vicinity of Slo-Mo, it sounded like a nail being scraped against a blackboard.

Slo-Mo, dressed in his usual attire of an all black trenchcoat and dark sunglasses, with a machine pistol in each hand, began pouring lead into the area.

The hail of bullets slowly exited his slow motion bubble and instantly became blurs. Blurs which hit all three of the villains, sending them to the ground, bleeding.

"Took you long enough," Volt muttered.

The End

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