Villain Fixers

Another collab with RimaInazays, hopefully turning out better than the last one. It's about a group of superheroes with not-so-super powers, trying to start a superhero business in a discreet town plagued by small time villains.

"Five triple cheeseburgers, please." Volt said. His mask was still on. He was wearing a coat, though, to hide the rest of his costume, and a low brim hat. He thought the cashier wouldn't notice.

"That'll be twenty-five-fifty," the cashier said without looking up. All the best, because from what he could already see of the pimply teenager's face, Volt didn't want to see any more.

Volt slid three ten dollar bills across the counter to the cashier. Don't look up, he thought.

Then the cashier looked up. His jaw dropped, immediately recognizing who he was serving.

"A-are you Volt?" the teen stuttered.

"Yeeeeeaaaaah," Volt replied reluctantly.

The teenager gave a salute. "Sir! I'm such a big fan!" He whispered as loudly as he could.

"Okay, great, so, what's my change, Four dollars fifty cents?" Volt asked, changing the subject.

"I think what you're doing here in this city is amazing, and-" the cashier gushed, before being cut off by Volt.

"Listen, kid, I just want my change, okay?"

The cashier nodded enthusiastically, mouth still agape. He quickly looked at the cash register, withdrew the change, and dropped it in Volt's open hand.

Volt nodded in acknowledgement, took his change and the food, and walked out as fast as he could.

A few alleyways later, and he was back at the office.

Villain Fixers, the door said, Fighting the bad guys so you don't have to.

He was particularly proud of the door. Volt opened it and went in.

"Some stupid kid recognized me," he muttered, the type of mutter that sounds like it's trying to be discreet, but secretly wants everyone to know. The Plumber, seated at the desk directly in front of the door, heard that mutter.

"Well, your mask might have something to do with it," The Plumber replied. "You got my triple?"

"What am I supposed to do?" Volt asked, tossing the burger over to The Plumber, who caught it deftly and started opening the wrapper.

The Plumber shrugged, taking a bite out of his burger. "Don't know," he said, his mouth full. "Wear someone else's mask?"

Volt walked past him through a door that lead to a narrow corridor. He opened one of the doors.

"Hey, Shredder, got you something to eat," he said cheerfully, tossing the burger inside the room. It hit Shredder's face and landed on his lap.

"Oh, what's the use?" Shredder asked. "I'll probably rip it apart the moment I touch it with my hands."

Volt closed the door, failing to once again remind Shredder that his power only activated when he was in the mood for it, and Shredder was never in the mood for anything.

Volt moved to the next room, opening the door and looking in. He saw Slo-Mo, surrounded by his usual bubble, which made everything inside look somewhat hazy.

"Hey, Slo-Mo, got you something to eat," Volt said, taking another out of the plastic bag and tossing it into the room. The burger hit the bubble and immediately slowed down. Slo-Mo reached for it ever so slowly, until finally he caught it.

"Thaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnksssssssssssssss, Vvvvvoooooooooolllllllt," Slo-Mo said.

"No problem," Volt said as he closed the door.

He walked into his own office, settling down on his chair and laying the plastic bag with two burgers remaining on the floor. Then his phone rang.

Volt grabbed his phone off the table and pressed Answer.

"Hello?" he said.

"Volt, this is me, Vertigo," the caller replied.

"Vertigo, what's going on?"

"I answered a call a few minutes ago, I'm heading to the town bank. Apparently, someone called The Accountant is trying to rob it. I might need backup."

"Against a guy called The Accountant?" Volt joked. "All right, all right, don't try and take him on by yourself, we'll be along."

Vertigo hung up.

Volt snapped his fingers, saw the spark, and thought, Still got it, before walking out his office and gathering his team.

The End

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