Chapter 1

Kasumi, demon of the mists and formerly betrothed to the demon Sesshomaru, has begun a revolutionary movement. She created a village where demons any humans could exist in harmony, but fierce opposition will destroy any chance they have at a normal life.

The forest whispered as trees swayed in the breeze. Kasumi sat on the river bank letting the water run over her feet. Her black yukata crinkled beneath her to keep it dry. Wind hummed in her ears and she could hear birds whistling in the sky, tweeting carelessly. 

Kasumi's long black hair tussled with the breeze and she swept her bangs to the side. Fish swam around her feet, tranquil in the morning sun. The river's music was the only sound that mattered and the luscious foliage smelled sweet. 

Something behind her rustled and she came to a standing position. Inaba, a young cat demon stood panting. His green slanted eyes reflected worry and his sandy hair hung in his face. 

"Lady Kasumi, there's a man in the village who wants to speak to you. He's really scary and I think he brought an army" he said. 

'Odd' Kasumi thought. 'Sesshomaru doesn't usually have people with him.' She naturally assumed that the "scary man" was Sesshomaru, as he had a reputation for being a little unnerving to most people. 

Kasumi hauled herself to the village at full speed, morphing herself into the mists. The newcomer was no dog demon with snow white hair and and a green goblin thing at his side. This demon had long black hair with dark circles under his eyes. The miasma surrounding him confirmed that he was indeed a demon, and a terrible one at that. 

She stepped forward. "You requested to see me, though I don't think I have yet made your acquaintance.  I am Kasumi, founder of this village." 

The demon scoffed. "So you're the one responsible for this filth hole," he said, making everyone quite uncomfortable. 

A little bird demon hid behind the human elder of the village. The elders were a council of four; two humans and two demons. It was their job to protect the village and ensure that no one was treated different due to the circumstances of their birth. All four of them stood now to challenge this rude and potentially dangerous newcomer. 

Hiding her anger, Kasumi spoke again. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name." 

"That would be because I didn't give it. If you are useful to me, perhaps I will enlighten you. However, I require information of you before I do anything. This village is unique in ways that I don't like, but I can't deny that it has its upsides. Someone in this place must know where the Shikon no Tama is. I have heard rumors that someone has been gathering many of the fragments together and that it is close to becoming whole again. Where are the fragments?" he asserted. 

For a moment, Kasumi didn't say anything. He had an arrogance about him that she didn't appreciate, and his words were smooth and manipulative. Yet, the aura cloaking him warned her that this was not a man to be trifled with. There was no good in this demon anymore, for only a demon of the filthiest evil could produce such a strong miasma. 

"You come in here, stinking of miasma into a village of innocent people who remain unaffected for the sole reason that my mists are counteracting your own. You demand that we give you knowledge that we have no reason to have over a cursed object that should never be used by man or demon. I don't wish any ill will upon you, nor your wrath upon us. For that reason, I suggest that you move on. We don't have what you're looking for," Kasumi's words rolled off her tongue like honey but her gaze was ice. 

The demon's face twitched with annoyance as he pulled his white hood over his greasy black hair. It was the pelt of a monkey demon. "Very well," he chided as he turned to leave. "Do whatever you want to them," he commanded. 

No sooner had these words escaped his lips than a hoard of akuma, demons of pure evil, began to ravage the land. Their blood-curdling screeches deafened the old and brought grown men to their knees. The sky was streaked with colors and moving bodies that blocked the sky. 

Kasumi grabbed her katana and gave the order for all inhabitants age 16 and older to take up arms. The rest were to flee if the could and hide if they could not flee. She had trained these people to defend themselves, but Kasumi knew it wouldn't be enough.,

Guilt pierced her heart as she gave a war cry. These people fighting by her side were dropping dead from the sheer mass of enemies they had been forced to fight. Gnashing teeth tore apart flesh and splattered blood like hail from the mountains. They had trusted her with their lives, and she was destroying them. 

The grass was stained crimson from the bodies crumpled on it. Entrails were being thrown across the air and being devoured by akuma. Humans and youkai (demons who are neither good nor bad, but can choose to do what they want) alike were falling hard, many of them stumbling over their neighbors' corpses. 

The stench of blood clogged her nostrils and she could see the river being polluted. Kasumi screamed in frustration. Her mists could put people to sleep and even kill them, but they only worked on humans. She cursed. Why couldn't she do anything to protect her loved ones? Who was this demon that was so bent on destruction? 

A tear rolled down her cheek. "STOP! Whoever you are, stop! Make your army retreat and I will help you collect the Shikon Jewel. Just leave this village alone and I'll do whatever you ask of me!" Kasumi shouted. She dispersed herself into the mists to look for the demon that was slaughtering her village. 

There he was, smiling and reaching his hand out. "Finally you've come to your senses, Lady Kasumi. I will tell them to stop, but if you try to break away from your promise,  they will return and I will slaughter these people. Do you understand?" he asked. 

"I understand," she whimpered. 

The demon raised his hand and called his demons back. In a whirlpool, they swirled into his body. The horrible swarm of demons retreated into the demon's body as part of him. Horrified, Kasumi tried not to watch. 

"What are you?" she demanded.  

"What am I? I am your master, Naraku. Do not cause me any trouble because I have ways to force you to submit to my will." 

"I know. I won't let you kill my village. As such, I am at your command." 

Naraku smirked. "You would do well to remember that." 

The End

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