A Hero Comes

His name will live forever in our legends. But this he knows not. Beowulf is man in dark times. He is a slayer of giants, a vanquisher of demons and a liberator of enslaved people.

None of these feats could have prepared Beowulf for the challenge he would face in the land of the Danes.

He sailed, with his fourteen Thanes, across perilous and stormy sea to rid King Hrothgar of his green demons. Many had laughed when they heard of Hrothgar's troubles. They suspected that the invasion of his lands by Green Men was merely due to excessive amounts of mead.

Beowulf had seen the darkest places of the world - he had ventured into the deepest cave. Beowulf knew that the World possessed many a strange sight. A green man was perfectly within the realms of possibility. 

There were reportedly a dozen of these foul beasts. Fourteen Thanes against Twelve Green Men. Beowulf felt confident, but wary. 

The shores of Hrothgar's lands were misty and empty. The land was plagued by something wicked. A lone sentry upon a hill stared down at the ship upon its arrival. Beowulf raised his sword in salute. The sentry did not return the salute, he merely gazed solemnly back down at Beowulf.

These were dead, empty lands. And Beowulf was determined to return life to them. 

The End

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