A King Plagued By Demons

When a UFO crash-lands in 5th Century Denmark, King Hrothgar realises that he cannot defeat the monsters alone. A warrior named Beowulf along with fourteen Thanes comes to save the Kingdom from the extra-terrestrial threat.

Many moons ago, there lived a warrior named Beowulf. It was he who repelled the darkness from our lands. It was he who vanquished the demons of the stars. 

Forever shall he be remembered by men everywhere, for all men do owe their lives to his heroic actions. 

It began in the winter - the time of monsters and demons. As folk everywhere did gather around the hearth, a single boy reported a giant shield falling from the sky. Most accused him of stealing mead from the stores, but there were some who pondered whether the Gods were angry and were indeed casting their weapons upon mankind. Prayers to Odin increased and little more was thought of it. 

Until the shield opened.

And out of this great shield, there did flow a plague of Green Demons. Small, but possessing weapons never before seen in the lands of King Hrothgar. They raided farms and they raided villages, looting tools and all things metal. Brave men who ventured close to the shield and survived did report that they appeared to be trying to repair their shield. 

King Hrothgar of the Danes was an old King and a wise one. The Green Demons did assault his Great Hall and although, at the cost of many Danish lives, the attack was repelled, King Hrothgar noted that these Green Demons were not demons at all, but Green Men. With the knowledge that these green warriors were by far superior to his, he realised that he must send for more men. He would need a warrior worthy of Asgard itself if he was to defeat this small band of foul creatures. He sent out a call to arms. He requested a hero, and one finally came.

His name was Beowulf.

The End

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