Ever since I tried my first little drop of acid it has become a leading element in my daily life. It's nonaddictive, but I still want it in my body. It allows me to see shit that I've never seen before. Three headed dogs, women with a horse's head, etc. Some of the most mystical and amazing things happen when you digest just a few drops of this clear, tasteless solution. I know that finally in this stage of my life, I'm allowed to make mistakes, I guess people expect that of me. Hell, I'm not a religious man anyways, I could care less whether I rot in hell or not. I'll end up in a six foot deep grave, surrounded by worms and dirt.

So of course this morning started out like something I didn't even care about. Just me, a book and my drugs. I walked over, ever so slowly to the counter and grabbed the coffee pot that I hadn't brewed any fresh for a few nights. It was cold and rank, I thought that I would rather drink cat urine. Speaking of which where is that mangy old cat? There he is laying on the couch, rubbing his arse up and down the cushions. I have a feeling he has an infection in his arse. I stand there against the wall with my eyes half open, left in a world of indifference as I watch a cat rub its fat arse on the cushions. Suddenly I hear the church bells at eight in the morning, it rings eight times solid. I wondered why I hadn't been to worship since I left home, probably because I hate God and God hates me. The fat cat finally jumped down and proceeded to drag its fat arse over to me and rub against my legs. I kneeled down and said "Hello Francis how are you this wonderful morning?" No reply, but what can I expect, he's a damn cat for christsake. It's getting to be that time, so I leave the cat and walk into the bathroom for my dose of medicine. I call it medicine so I don't seem like a druggy, but lo and behold I fucking am. I take out the swab and take in a few drugs of LSD, in other words for you silly folk, acid. It's a strong hallucinogenic, a psychedelic drug that causes your mind to project images that you normally could never conjure. It's sorta like Alice and Wonderland, that Disney film. Where the girl evidently eats a few bad mushrooms and suddenly is tossed into a fucked up, topsy turvy world.

The End

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