Vigilias Noctis

What creeps in the night to claim your sanity?

The title is Latin for Night Watch, because I really suck at naming stuff.

He bolted upright from a sound sleep.  The book he had been reading falling from his chest to his knees. 

“What the hell?” he murmured to himself, peering myopically around his room that was dimly lit only by his reading light.  The fan was oscillating, the computer was in maintenance mode, and the cat was purring away on top of her favorite shelf.

“What was that noise?”  As always, the dog that slept beside his bed was eager to please, but as always, had no answer to give beyond a helpful tail wag.

“Did I just imagine it mutt?”  He grabbed his glasses and slid them on.  As the world sprang into better focus, he began to notice that the corners of his room were fuzzy.  No, not fuzzy.  Blurry maybe?  No that wasn’t it either.

A dread settled upon him as he realized that there was motion.  A writhing, seething, pulsing activity that made his soul shrink in terror!  The dog and cat were oblivious, but their indifference made the horror palpably malicious as it crawled out of the corners and across the ceiling to hang directly over the bed.

The End

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