Speaking Ill Of The Dead

2400 Block of Jasper Avenue, 1:25 am

A man walked along the sidewalk, moving in and out of the irregularly spaced street lights. A car passed without slowing, an office worker headed home to his neglected wife. The man carried a navy blue duffel bag over one shoulder and what appeared to be a walking cane in his right hand, though he had no apparent need for it.

He stopped before a two storey home and went up the white wooden steps after a brief pause. No light escaped the house but he reached up with his left hand and knocked on the door lightly anyway – three times, a brief pause, then once more. Seconds later the door was unlocked and he stepped inside.

Mr. Keller’s Office, 2:01 pm

Detective Hector Munoz stood in the doorway and gazed at the slumped body of Mr. Keller. He was having a very difficult time trying to find a reason to care about this scumbag’s death.

“Detective? The receptionist, Cindy Marshall, she’s ready to speak with you now,” Officer Jackson told him from the hallway behind him.

“Be right there,” Munoz sighed.

2455 Jasper Avenue, 1:35 am

“Everything go as planned?” the man asked as he slumped onto the uneven wooden chair across from his partner in the moonlit kitchen.

“Yeah, the next time that bastard defends those pimps will be in hell,” she replied as she wiped the last of her makeup from her face. With all the wrinkles gone from under her eyes she looked closer to her twenty eight years of age, but the grey wig still sitting on her head ruined the effect a little. “How’d your little walkabout go?”

“The job’s done – had to take three of his friends as well but nobody will be shedding any tears over them,” he said.

“What, already? Y you know two jobs in one day is risky, we attract way more attention that way!”

“Settle down X – I wasn’t planning on doing it tonight but I was out there less than an hour before I found him,” Y said as he put his hands up to ward her off. “Besides, you didn’t use Saldare again did you?”

“Well…” X began without meeting his gaze.

“You used that name for the job in Montreal in January! You can’t keep leaving these connections for people to make -“

“I was a college girl for that one Y, nobody would ever match her up with old granny Pinkbag – it’s not like anyone is looking anyway.”

Mr. Keller’s Office, 2:30 pm

Munoz shook his head as he watched the body baggers do their job. If Keller had been a little less high profile he could just file this away and forget about it but his face had been front page news not so long ago and the reporters were already calling.

He looked from the body to the two tea cups sitting on the desk and back again. He turned and called to Jackson in the hallway. The officer came running, as he always did, too eager to please.

“What did the receptionist say the old lady’s name was again?”

2455 Jasper Avenue, 1:45 am

“Here, have a look at this,” X said as she tossed a newspaper across the kitchen table. “I think I found our next job – page twenty.”

“David Gutierrez, escaped fifth rape charge in the last two years,” Y said as his eyes scanned the article. “How is he managing to get off the hook?”

“He’s got protection.”


“His daddy is the mayor.”

10th and Bridge, 1:20 am

Detective Munoz rubbed his eyes and swore under his breath. He was getting all the prime calls today.

“Four thugs, four bullets, zero witnesses,” Officer Jackson told him.

“Any more good news to share?” Munoz asked and immediately wished he hadn’t.

“The one in the black hoodie is Jerome Matthews.”

2455 Jasper Avenue, 1:50 am

“Five failed charges, that probably means there are more that have given up on the courts to bring this slime to justice,” Y said as he rolled his head around in an attempt to loosen stiff neck muscles.

“Exactly,” X said. Her blue eyes betrayed her excitement; she was always ready to set right the wrongs of the world. Y missed having that kind of youthful energy – he wasn’t sure when he lost his but with his fortieth birthday looming around the corner he was pretty sure it wasn’t coming back any time soon. “And that means there are a lot of people that would be interested in paying for our services.”

10th and Bridge, 1:30 am

“Alright, get in touch with your contacts,” Munoz told Jackson. “Somebody somewhere tonight is having a celebration and I want to know who.”

“On it sir,” Jackson said with a smart salute that made Munoz roll his eyes. “I’ll find out who stands to benefit the most from this and start there.”

2455 Jasper Avenue, 1:55 am

“Alright, I’ll make some calls in the morning to my friends in New York,” Y said as he stood up and headed for the couch to get some sleep. “I’ll find out if the charges are legit or if he’s just a high profile target for gold diggers.”

“And I’ll find the folks interested in some real justice,” X said with a big smile. “You find the truth, I’ll find the cash.”

The End

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