The Sun Striker, Part 7Mature

The ride was an uncomfortable one. Bumps and shaking on various dirt roads made Solo uneasy. She grew up in the southern part of the United States and the stories about dirt roads didn't seem to end well very often. This was the backside of Vegas in the hills. Her eyes scanned her surroundings. Facial expressions from both of the vampires she was trusting to not kill her didn't seem to change from the blank stares.

Solo's father always told her that she made bad decisions sometimes. If she knew these two were creatures of the night and that this was prime hunting time why in the world did she think it was a great idea to come with them? What if there was no gallery of the sun? What if this were all a trap and that they needed to get her away from civilization in order to kill her easier? Those questions were swirling in her head. She balled up her fists. There was no way this woman would go down without a fight.

"We're here," Bevel said.

"Uh, yeah, look let me explain this now so I won't have to say it again. If you two try something I'm going to smash your heads in," Solo threatened.

Asai and Bevel gave quick glances to one another. They both laughed. 

"Sweety, if we wanted you dead we could've gotten that accomplished ages ago," Asai explained.

"And so far even our best can't seem to get to you thanks to Asai," Bevel explained.

Both of them got out of the vehicle. Solo followed their lead. Asai and Bevel began stripping down their clothing which was baggy. The Samoan believed the clothes were so loose to mimic a ninja's appearance. However underneath those costumes were suits and ties. Asai sported a black skirt and black top with a white blouse. Bevel was more of the black suit type. Yellow color name badges were pinned on their chests. Both of the badges had a secret service tag attached.

"The hell is this?" Solo asked.

Her eyes scanned her surroundings again. Nothing but desert, a few insects and the night sky was around. A mechanical noise erupted from the ground. A box shaped door popped up a little to the left of Bevel. The two vampires walked towards the once concealed door and climbed down into a dark abyss. Solo wanted to follow but was hesitant.

"You're on crack if you think I'm going down there," she thought to herself.

Asai poked her head out from the ground. 

"I know you think you're hot shit now but the sun is down. Your power draws energy from the sun. You used up a lot of that said power in the fighting earlier. It'd be a great idea to get down here before you shut down. Or you could stay out here, pass out and possibly die from freezing to death. Your choice," Asai said.

"Freezing to death? I mean, it gets cold out here but what kind of shit are you trying to pull?" Solo asked.

Asai sighed. 

"Once a Solarian type loses their power because they can't draw energy from the sun or some other source like an artificial one suffering from chills isn't exactly unusual. In your case it'd happen rather quickly," Asai explained.

"I"ll take my chances up here. Go do whatever it is you freak shows do," Solo said.

"You're one to talk. You look like an overgrown tomato," Asai whispered.

"What you say?!" Solo shouted.

Before the Samoan could get her hands on Asai the mechanical door on the ground closed. She was stuck outside. Solo bashed the door on her knees trying to get it open but even with her newfound striking power the metal appeared to be particularly hard. Howls from some sort of night predator put her on high alert. Each sound that was in reality really slight sounded like a boom box to her. Paranoia started to grow.

"A-Asai? B-Bevel? Hey guys I think it's time to take my ball and go home," Solo said.

She wrapped her long arms around her body. She knew that the weather report only gave a low of eighty tonight. Why did everything feel so cold? Solo went back to the car and shut the doors. All the door locks were applied. Paranoia turned into fear. She was out here all alone. Not too long ago she had a normal life, a good career and a title shot. Now she was running from vampires, trying to stop that feeling of something bad happening and her body was acting and even looking weird.

Solo's mind wandered. She was still unsure of what a Solarian was. But she was a smart person. Solarian and solar, Asai claiming her power and looks came from the sun and the fact that she seemed to be much more energized when the sun was up allowed her to put two and two together. Advans were not a secret since thirty years ago. She figured she had to have been an advan. However most of the superhumans got their powers at an early age. Why had hers come so late?

As her mind asked endless questions she didn't notice herself passing out. What Asai said was apparently true. She collapsed. Her head hit the driver's side seat. Those dreams were numerous. Fighting, memories of her childhood and images of Solo's dad filled her mind. She didn't even notice a group of people lifting her limp body out of the vehicle and taking her into the underground base through that ground door.

When Solo awakened she was on a metal slab. Standing around her were a group of individuals who were dressed weird. In that number were Asai and Bevel who were standing together but both wearing rings on their left hands as if to symbolize marriage. She eyed a woman dressed in a white lab coat. Her eyes widened. Unless someone had been living under a rock for the past thirty years that face was hard to not recognize.

"Minerva Prime? Am I dreaming?" Solo asked.

She leaned up into a sitting position to notice she was wearing a hospital gown. The room was so cold. Metal was everywhere. Despite her fighting in an octagon she didn't like the feeling of being trapped. Tears came out of her eyes and yet she didn't even mean to cry. Her skin had turned from a bright red to darn near pitch black. Even her breath could be seen each time she breathed. 

"I gotta get out of here! Get me out!" Solo screamed. 

"Solo you have to calm down!" Asai shouted.

"Get the sedative Agent Montaine!" Dr. Pallow yelled.

The large woman got off of the slab and made a mad dash towards a wall. She didn't scratched at the metal trying to find some sort of means of escape. Once she eyed a rectangle outlining that looked like a door she moved towards what she believed to be an escape. Bevel got a dart filled with a bright red orange liquid and handed that dart over to Dr. Pallow.

Asai apprehended Solo with a bear hug. Despite all the struggling and despite this person's size the vampire managed to keep the submission hold in place. Bevel grabbed Solo's legs. Keeping this Amazon of a person appeared to be easy for two creatures of the night but it was much harder than what someone would have imagined to be. Even in this weakened state the Samoan was far stronger than what the average person would have been. 

"Doctor do it! I don't know how much I can keep this up! It's like she's on bath salts!" Asai shouted.

The vampire wasn't lying. Asai's uniform was being torn at the shoulder portions from trying to keep this large woman under control. Even Bevel ran the risk of being kicked clear across the room. The dart was placed into the doctor's lab coat pocket. Dr. Pallow approached slowly with both hands up.

"Solo, please, calm yourself. We're not here to hurt you. We're trying to help you," Jennifer pleaded.

"Like hell you are! You kidnap me, you send whack jobs after me and now you want me to calm down?! Bitch what the hell do you take me for?!" Solo shouted.

"Let me go. If she wants to do this the hard way we can do this the hard way," Dr. Pallow instructed.

"Are you mad? Do you even know what a Solarian, even without solar energy, could do?" Bevel asked.

"Let me go. That is an order," Jennifer ordered.

Asai and Bevel released Solo and moved back. The martial artist stood up, rotated her neck, cracked her knuckles and turned to face the doctor. 

"Who are you? Who is the blood mother? What happened to me? And why shouldn't I knock our teeth so far down your throat where you'll shit out your two front teeth?" Solo asked.

"So, you think you're a match for me little girl?" Dr. Pallow asked.

"Uh oh. Ms. Kalolo I understand you're a great fighter but I don't think this is what you want," Asai warned.

Solosolo laughed. She laughed hard.

"Oh, I looked up to you. I grew up thinking you were some kind of great superhero with the mask and the catch phrases. But uh, last I checked you were all washed up. Probably why you quit. Only a loser quits," Solo said.

Dr. Pallow was getting angry. The eye rolling and balled fists were proof of the change in tolerance level. If it was one thing Asai and Bevel knew about the doctor it was that no one should ever question or try to verbally tarnish her hero days. 

"Think you're bad, eh?" Jennifer asked.

"Bad like moldy bread," Solo responded.

"Let me tell you something you egotistical, wet behind the ears, loud mouth poser the day I am talked down to by somebody without the authority to lick my shoes clean is the day I stop being Minerva Prime. And little girl I'll always be the MP. I was doing this shit when you were busy playing with dolls. So if you're feeling like you got a problem, if you think you can take me and if you're feeling itchy-" 

Dr. Pallow got right up in Solo's face. Either this doctor had a great amount of power or was a great hand to hand specialist herself or this was suicide.

"Then bring your wannabe ass over here and let me give you a good scratch," Jennifer said.

Both of the vampires just stared at one another. Their eyes widened. Dr. Pallow never lost her cool like that before. Most times people just respected her based off of her many heroic deeds. Before Asai could try to stop Solo the Samoan took a swing at Dr. Pallow. That was a really bad mistake. The doctor raised a hand. Solo's fist stopped just short of the intended target's nose.

"If you two interfere I'll crush you like grapes. I love you both but this is personal now," Dr. Pallow threatened.

Asai and Bevel didn't want to get in the middle of this. Dr. Pallow turned and walked away from Solo who was still stuck in place. A great weight was placed on the larger woman. It was as if some great force froze her. This wasn't telekinesis or the ability to move or construct a person or an object with one's own mind. This was something more. Even the overheard hanging light had fallen to the floor causing the room to go dark.

"What did you do to me?" Solo asked.

The doctor paced back and forth with folded arms.

"Do you know how I stopped an alien invasion?" Dr. Pallow asked.

"I want to curb stomp you," Solo said.

"I"ll take that as a yes. See, I was one of the first advans. Cosmic radiation changed a large portion of Earth's population. There were only roughly two hundred of us when it first started. And like a country who gains weapons grade technology other species out there who were watching us for a long time didn't take too kindly to humans getting these special abilities," Dr. Pallow explained.

"Undo what you did or else!" Solo shouted.

"So they showed up. Solarians came. They weren't the only ones over the years but your people were especially annoying. Your father? Even more so," Jennifer explained.

"M-My father?" Solo asked.

The Samoan finally dropped to the floor. It was as if simple air had turned into ankle and arm bracelets made of hundreds of pounds of lead. Dr. Pallow smirked. One of her signature moves was to place a feather on the backs of her victims. She retrieved a duck's feather from her lab coat pocket and placed it on the top of Solo's head. That feather felt like it weighed a ton. Solo's face was being pressed into the metal floor.

"What do you know about my dad?" Solo asked.

All of the weight was lifted. The fighter stood up and stretched her limbs. Asai and Bevel came to her side. She held her hands towards both of them to signal that she was fine. Even with Jennifer's immense power the islander didn't appear to be injured.

"You want to know about daddy dearest?" Dr. Pallow asked.

"I already know how this works. I do something for you and you give me information in return," Solo said.

"Aren't you the smart one," the doctor said.

The End

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