The Sun Striker, Part 6Mature

“Not quite. All we have to do is make it to the gallery of the sun and we’ll be safe,” Asai said. 

“What is the gallery of the sun?” Solo asked. 

“It is a safe haven for humans that are different like you. Your people designed it that way,” Asai explained. 

“My people? Samoans? And how exactly am I different? Is it the fact that I look like a my size tomato?” Solo asked.

Asai didn’t say anything else as if there was some hint of frustration within the slender built woman. Something within Solo made her stand up and ball up her fists. 

“I don’t know about some gallery of the sun or whatever or who you think I am but all I know is that this has to end,” she said.

Asai took a quick glance over a shoulder. 

“Just what the hell do you think you’re doing? Sit down!” Asai ordered.

When one of the vans got within ramming distance the Samoan did the unthinkable. Solo ran towards the van approaching from behind and launched herself out of the truck. She went into a flying punch motion with her left hand drawn back ready to strike. From what she saw earlier for some reason she could hit a hell of a lot harder than before. She didn’t know why she thought her action would work. Solo had confidence in her ability to strike more so than usual.

Her body descended quickly enough where she was approaching the hood of the van she intended to hit. With a force she wouldn’t normally dream of wielding Solo struck the hood of the truck and actually caused it to perform a front flip. Solo went crashing into the asphalt with the force of her own punch to that vehicle halted some of the damage she would have faced from such a fall. The van flipped forward twice in the air and landed upside down with every man in that vehicle being crushed to death. 

Solo didn’t have time to be amazed at her work. She kipped up again. Now that she knew she could hit like an elephant she went to work. One of the vehicles that would have passed her was off to the left of her path of walking. Solo charged forward with her left arm extended to the side. The Samoan gave that van a clothesline from hell that didn’t even caused her to be knocked back. Both the driver and passenger of that vehicle looked on in horror as their van was being crushed against Solo’s arm like a soda can.

The vehicle turned to the side from the force of the impact. Solo took a few steps back and then ran forward. She drop kicked the side door of the nearly crushed vehicle and sent it tumbling and flipping on its side over and over again until it struck two other vans. That wreckage was even worse than the wreck at the intersection earlier. 

The other vans each came to screeching stops. Asai appeared to have abandoned Solo. Of course the Samoan didn’t care at the moment. Those vans surrounded her but gave her enough distance where another row of surrounding vehicles could have been fit into that circle. One after one seven of those men Asai referred to as vampires appeared dressed in black and with masks on. If they were vampires Solo could understand why they’d wear the masks so as to protect themselves from the sun. They even appeared to have contact lenses in. Solo knew this because when she delivered a clothesline to the van she saw contact lenses flying out of the eyes of the men she gave the ride of their lives to. 

Her hands went up, legs were spread and a frown came on her face. 

“Now I don’t know if you fellas understand the whipping you’re about to get but I’ll give you all one chance go home now,” she warned.

Those vampires either didn’t understand English that well or were not very threatened by Solo. They charged in with unity. She looked down to notice a manhole cover. Solo struck that cover. The manhole covering flipped up into the air but was also bent from her strike. She punched the cover and sent it flying towards one of her attackers causing massive facial deconstruction when the object hit the intended target directly in the face. 

Solo waited for the two men from behind to get to her since they would reach her the fastest. She jumped backwards, performed a half flip, placed her hands onto the ground and extended both of her knees. With the force she personally initiated both of the oncoming assailants had their forward momentum stopped with knee strikes to the stomach that was powerful enough to create rib crunching sounds. Even the force of her hitting these men didn’t stop her from holding a hand stand to only flip forward and onto her feet. Just as quickly she brought her leg up to the face level of yet another attacker. Solo pushed forward when she noticed her boot nearly meeting her target’s face. Instead of the boot serving as a kick she turned the hit into a face stomp that she could visually see reconstructing the victim’s face. 

Just when three of these ninja-like men were going to reach her Solo ducked down. She went into a full leg sweep that traveled in a full circle. Normally she couldn’t sweep three people at once. However her new-found striking power appeared to work not only with just straight up hits but any force she initiated herself. Even when faced with multiple people to sweep her momentum didn’t stop because their legs didn’t impede the travel of her leg. 

She took full advantage of the fact that all the attackers were on the ground. Just as she completed the full leg sweep of multiple men Solo stood up but on one leg. Solo’s right leg went up high above her head and came down. One of her chasers got a full stomp to the skull. The other two recovered and got back up. She assumed that same Thai boxing stance and then transitioned to lower form while taking a step forward and yet another transition with her lifting her leg up and standing on one leg. Her arms were up to symbolize a fighting stance that was modeled after the elephant. With every movement the two remaining attackers took a step back showing fear.

One of the masked men got a moment of courage. That man took a brave swing at Solo. That swing was met with a side step for an evasion, an elbow strike to the sternum and a kick to the groin and then another to the head with the other leg. With the remaining person left to beat down Solo lowered her leg into a more traditional Thai boxing stance. This last person wanted to show off a little. There was nothing to lose at this point. They went into a display of spinning high kicks, fast punches and a back-flip. None of those strikes hit anything but air as they were intended to be a show off display.

“You do realize all of that means absolutely nothing, right?” Solo asked.

That question appeared to insult this person. For the first time she heard one of the men that Asai called vampires speak. 

“You and your kind are nothing but bullies! I do this for my people you monster!” the vampire screamed.

Such words could only serve as comedy to Solo. She did note that this man had the same French accent as Asai. 

“And what exactly did ‘my people’ do to you?” she asked.

Of course she had no idea what this person was talking about. 

“You mean to tell me you don’t know? You aren’t aware of who or what you are?” the masked man asked. 

“I’m Solosolo Kalolo. I’m from Samoa. I like pizza. I like turtles. I like surfing. I beat people up for a living and I like it. What I don’t like is you,” she explained.

Laughter came out of this ninja-like person. 

“You think you’re normal? Really? Have you not noticed your size, the way you strike or the fact that we, the vampire, would come after you?” the man asked.

Solo was already suspecting that what Asai said was true even though she couldn’t believe what she was seeing or hearing. The very idea of vampires had conflict with her view of the world as she believed everything was natural with the exception of her spirituality. Of course many mention of creatures that matched some characteristics of vampires existed in different belief systems. However she didn’t believe every story that was passed down in fiction. The more troubling thought was that this supposed vampire was suggesting that even Solo was anything but normal.

The vampire turned his head to the side some to display a confused look. 

“So you really don’t know?” he asked.

A hand reached out towards Solo. That hand came from the very man who once looked to harm her. Solo took up a defensive stance. 

“No, stop. This isn’t right. If you are unaware of who you are or what you are then I have no fight with you. We only go after Solari who wish to harm our people,” he explained.

A pick-up truck pulled up. Out of that truck came Asai who was running towards the male vampire. Solo didn’t know why but she held out a hand for a signal to cease the violence. 

“Wait!” she shouted.

Asai stopped.

“Sister Asai for your crimes against our people you will be dealt with when the elder speaks to you but as of now we must call off this assassination with this revelation. You were right. This creature has no war with us. She is as innocent as you suggested but certainly not as defenseless as you described,” he announced.

Asai dropped to one knee. 

“I only wished to get her to her people so that they may protect her before our kind killed her for no reason. We vampires have done enough killing. There is no need to start a war between us and the Solari,”Asai explained. 

“Who are the Solari and what the hell are you all talking about? Are you seriously suggesting you’re all vampires?” Solo asked.

Asai stood up. The slender woman removed one of her gloves. The sunlight hitting the bare flesh caused smoke to appear from the surface of the skin. Fire also erupted from that hand. Asai put that glove back on quickly. She cried out in pain. This display was meant to convince Solo that what the two of them were saying was true. Why else would someone be a real vampire and go through that sort of pain just to prove a point unless the two of them desperately needed her to know the truth? 

"Now do you get it? We are vampires. The Solari are humans that hunt us," Bevel pointed out.

“I-I need a moment,” Solo said. 

“No time. The others do not know the truth about you and so we must leave here. Get in the truck. I shall accompany you and assure you safe passage. I can’t say the same for Asai,” the male vampire said.

Solo complied. She got into the truck with the male taking the driver’s seat. There was a bit of nervousness. What if this man was just driving them both to their deaths and used the pacifist role just to fool them? It wasn’t like Solo had a choice. She had a feeling there were lots more vampires where he came from. The day was coming to an end as well. Fighting vampires in broad daylight wasn’t all that tough but at night the same scenario had to be a nightmare even for a woman as strong as Solo was. 

“Do not fear. Unlike the Solari we vampires of the Bloodmother Coven honor our word so long as the request is specific. You'll be safe until we get to our destination," Bevel said.

Solo wasn't so sure. After all this man wouldn't have had any issue killing her just minutes ago. She was sure of her feelings that he wanted to do them harm. However given what she already did to the other vampires she doubted that Bevel would directly confront her even in a car. 

"Fine. But the second you jump stupid expect to get thrashed," Solo warned.

Bevel chuckled. "I'd expect nothing less," he admitted. 

The End

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