The Sun Striker, Part 5Mature

“Move!” Asia shouted.

The agile woman engaged in a fist fight with the new intruders. Solo went to help. But in mere seconds the Samoan discovered that she was doing more hindering than helping. Solo got punched and kicked repeatedly and sent flying into the couch behind her. She remembered the words that Asai gave her that sounded so familiar.

Solo decided to give Asai’s advice a try. But to do this she had to think and believe in the way Asai wanted her to fight. In other words she needed to see a person drinking coffee and not react to the person having coffee but be more concerned with the act of drinking. Solo got onto her feet and ran forward into a jump with her fist drawn back.

When the black figure she tried to target attempted to side step the flying strike attempt Solo went for a side kick that connected to the intended target’s jaw. When she landed she balled up both fists, assumed a fighting stance and smiled. She now understood that she had to react to someone’s possible counter or evasion. That was how she could beat such fast opponents.

Asai wasn’t doing badly. That speed demon laid out one of the intruders with a spinning roundhouse kick and put down another with a serious of punches to the gut followed with a high kick to the face. Asia leaped up, wrapped her legs around the neck of her intended victim and both bodies went spinning until she released the leg scissor hold thus sending the invader flipping into the ground. Both fighters placed their backs together with their fists drawn like guns. On the carpeted floor lay the bodies of men groaning in pain. 

The two of them didn’t bother talking. They ran down the hallway. Solo stopped at the elevator and pressed the button to go down. Asai grabbed her by the arm. 

“No, that’s what they want you to do. We have to take the stairs,” Asai revealed.

Solo didn’t have time to follow the fast woman. When the elevator door opened four more of those masked men came out. Solo and Asai made a mad dash for the stairs. That stairway door was kicked in via a big boot courtesy of Solo. The Samoan looked on in amazement as the other woman moved with such foot speed that Solo began considering the possibility of this person being a ninja who had an odd liking to buying Halloween costume caliber fangs. She still couldn’t shake seeing Asai with those really long canines that looked so real.

Solo had trouble keeping up with Asai who at this point was jumping from set to stairs to set of stairs in one leap. She looked up to see their pursuers doing the same. It was decided. Solo would have to fight these guys to give Asai a chance to get out of here. By now Asai had such a lead to the point where if Solo stopped to do battle it was likely the other woman wouldn’t even notice. Then again Asai appeared to possess a great sense of hearing. It couldn’t be helped. Solo stopped, turned and awaited her chasers.

When one of the men came flying down towards her Solo used a stair rail to step upon and launch herself upwards with a fist pointing upwards. The descending ninja-like person predictably held up both hands to block the uppercut attempt. Solo used the distraction of her fist coming up to lift a knee up. That man got struck with a Muay Thai style knee lift and got sent flying into an opposing wall and tumbling down the staircase not that far away from that very wall. Solo landed on top of a stair rail with balance that came from a childhood filled with martial arts instruction.

Another one of her stalkers came down towards her from above in the air. Solo jumped from the rail and tried throwing an uppercut that was blocked. What was not blocked was her follow up strike of tucking in her legs so that her knees touched her chest and delivering a front drop kick that sent that man sailing towards a rail behind him. His back and spine hitting that rail produced a cracking sound that echoed throughout the stairwell. 

She took out those two but sounds of footsteps that couldn’t belong to just the other two concerned her. Solo burst through the third floor door. She jogged casually while looking around to see if Asai was here as well. She came to a laundry room that had people inside. "Wow, that is one nasty sun burn," one of the people said.

She looked at her skin. Solo didn’t understand why she had become so red. There wouldn’t be much time to ponder the change in skin pigment. More of those men dressed in black came charging at her from the front. Solo picked a Thai boxing stance since the moves from that fighting style appeared to be the most effective against these guys. Three of them came her way.

When they arrived an exchange of fierce punches, kicks and blocks made the men inside of the laundry room come out to try to defend Solo. When the same man who made the comment about her skin color tried to help her one of Solo’s chasers removed their mask and revealed something horrifying. The same teeth that Asai had this once masked person also had. Solo looked on in horror as her defender was grabbed, neck was exposed and then a bite to that neck was applied. The person who tried to help her dropped to the ground without a single sign of life within them.

“What the hell is wrong with you?! Why would you do that?!” Solo asked.

Her question wasn’t answered with anything verbal but physical. The biter moved forward. However standing in between Solo and this person was a window with a ray of sunshine beaming through. The person with blood dripping from their lips stopped in their tracks as if the sun was something to be feared. Slowly the pursuers began backing up. Solo looked at the window. 

“Come on guys. You’re not vampires,” she said.

But she began increasingly more concerned when those men ran away. Either they were insane for one of them biting a person on the neck and believing they were creatures of the night or something else was going on here. To Solo anyone willing to break into another person’s apartment, fight them, bite someone and drink blood but run away at the first sight of the sun was really disturbing.

She bent down to assist the person who wasn’t moving. The other men ran off. Solo assumed they went to go get help. When she tried to check for a pulse the victim’s eyes shot open. Teeth appeared that were similar to Asai’s. The man tried to attack Solo who was pinned on her back. She held the person by the throat trying to prevent them from biting her. She knocked the man off of her with one punch. Solo still hit this person with a force she never could wield before. In shock as she lay on the ground she stared at the left hand that did the damage to her attacker.

“What was that?” she asked.

The man stood up almost as if the punch had no effect. When the bite happy person got up to that vertical base they came directly in view of the sunlight from the window. Their body began to break down in a cloud of smoke and fire until all that was left was a pile of ashes. Solo looked on in horror. 

“What is going on? I’m dreaming, right?” she asked.

Asai ran down from the other end of the hallway. The long toothed woman helped Solo up to her feet. 

“What is going on Asai? What is all this?” Solo asked.

“No time to explain. We have to get out of here,” Asai said.

The two of them moved on back to the staircase with men dressed in black were going up while they were going down. In the lobby area on the first floor and Solo were met with a whole room of those people dressed dark clothing. The two of them were being chased as they headed out of a side door that led to the hotel parking lot. Solo reached into her pockets to try to find her car keys but remembered those keys were left in the hotel room.

Asai ran up to a man inside of a large pick-up truck, pulled the door open and forced the person out of their vehicle. Solo detested taking someone’s car. However when the Samoan looked back to see the sea of black covered people chasing them she made an exception for her morals. She jumped into the back of the truck. The vehicle was still running so Asai hit the gas and took off out of the parking lot.

Somehow these people chasing them were running at speeds Solo couldn’t possibly call human. She noticed that shadowy figures were moving from the tops of buildings that Asai drove past. Solo tapped on the roof of the truck. Asai rolled down the window assuming there was some message to be heard. 

“Uh, yeah, about the people chasing us are they known to be like spider monkeys who can jump from rooftop to rooftop?" Solo asked. 

“They are vampires. You can’t except for them not to have this ability,” Asai explained.

With everything Solo just witnessed she had to question whether or not these were actual creatures of the night. 

“So if they are vampires, and I’m not suggesting I believe you, do we have to worry?” Solo asked. 

“Why of course,” Asai said.

The person who Solo was starting to believe to be a vampire rolled up the window. Various black colored vans approached from behind at high speeds. By now Asai was driving through red lights. Solo noticed the vehicles coming up and getting close to ramming distance. She noticed that she could now tap the driver’s side of the truck with arm length she didn’t have before. Asai rolled down the window again. 

“Yeah?” Asai asked. 

“We have company!” Solo exclaimed.

One of the vans rammed the truck. Solo fell down into the truck’s cargo bed. The side doors of the ramming vehicle opened up. That van pulled up beside the truck and out of that door came three masked men who jumped from the van and latched themselves onto the truck.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Solo shouted.

Asai noticed that the truck was being weighed down by the weight of three extra people. The agile woman slammed on brakes which caused one of the men she referred to as a vampire to go flying into the middle of a busy intersection. That masked person was going to make a dash for the truck again but was pummeled by incoming traffic from people who didn’t have time to brake. This scene caused a six car accident. Asai drove around the wreckage. Solo wanted to help but before she could jump off the truck was already being put into high gear. 

Even if the Samoan wanted to give assistance to see if those people in that wreck were alright she’d first have to fend off the person in the truck’s bed trying to pounce. The man dressed in black had mounted Solo. She bent her legs back and actually wrapped those legs around the person’s waist with her flexibility but also with leg length she didn’t possess before. Solo slammed the person into the ground by leaning forward with all her might and planting them into the cargo bed. She stood up, put a leg in-between both of her arm pits and with a mighty heave tossed the person off the truck.

Solo lost her balance as the truck swerved. Asai was trying to drive. By now the other chaser had gotten into the passenger seat and was trying to make Asai crash. There was a back window where Solo could witness the struggle. She cracked her knuckles. 

“Asai duck!” Solo shouted.

The Samoan punched through the back window’s glass and hit the masked man in the back of the head. In terms of power that shot was strong enough to make the assailant hit their head on the dashboard and pass out immediately. Asai looked shocked. 

“You already mastered the hand of god?” she asked. 

“The hand of god? The hell is that?” Solo asked. 

“Nevermind. I can’t shake them. We have to do something,” Asai pointed out.

Solo let out a sigh of relief when she heard police sirens. She looked back to see that two squad cars were chasing the vans. 

“Good ol’ boys in blue,” she said.

Solo took a seat. She just knew that meant this nightmare would all come to an end. Vans approached the squad cars from behind. Solo looked concerned. The two squad cars were surrounded by black vans. The vans on the side of the police vehicles moved forward while the four that came up from behind sped up. In what is known as a pit maneuver both of the squad cars were forced out of the streets and into buildings. Solo’s expression of slight concern turned to an expression of hopelessness. 

“We are so dead meat,”she said. 

The End

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