The Sun Striker, Part 3Mature

During the commercial break Solo’s trainer went to give her advice while a bag of ice was held up against her knee that was hit during the second round. 

“You gotta finish this. I say you got one round and she got one but we don’t want to leave that up to chance. This is her home. Sometimes judges will side with the fans. Put her away Soka. No more games,” her uncle instructed. Solo nodded.

“How do you think I should get to her?” Solo asked.

“You got her running scared. She is a frightened sheep. Herd her where you want and then remove the wool disguise and strike,” her uncle said.

Now that Solo knew what to do she stood up. That knee was on fire in pain. It wasn’t just the knee that was a concern but also the trail of blood on Solo’s head that was coming down from a cut on the side of her head. Even though her trainer wanted her to sit back down Solo refused. She needed to stand up to show Towns that the pain was nothing. From across the Octagon just when the cameras were getting ready to go back to the action as the commercials were coming to a close Solo’s opponent decided to stand up and shout something out.

Towns shouted, “Don’t worry Kalolo. Don’t kill yourself when you lose. Your family needs one living fighter. Everybody else gave up the fight.” Solo’s eyes widened.

Now the insults weren’t just aimed at her father but this woman’s entire family that had somewhat of a history of martial arts and suicide. No verbal response was given to the insult. Instead only a head nod. The cameras were fixed on the two fighters and the octagon. The trainers left the cage. The referee stood in between the two of them. Blood, sweat and heavy breathing was in abundance with both of them. While the insult was meant to make Solo loose composure there was calm about the woman that was normally found within the heart of a cold blooded person. 

“And we’re back to the action. Jean, what do you think is going to happen in this final round?”Jean asked.

“I’m not sure. If someone had a clear upper hand I could say something but it’s tough given that nobody really has had an upper hand. If I had to go with the eye test I’d say Kalolo looks to be not concerned at all and Towns looks like she doesn’t even want to be there anymore,” Jean explained.

"This is becoming something of a revenge fight for Kalolo for some of the things said about her and her family coming out of Towns' camp during the fight ramp up in the past weeks. Kalolo called Towns' assertion that the Kalolo family's "Hand of God" style is a disgrace to martial arts everywhere as the fighting mechanics make no sense in the opinion of Emma Towns," Mark said.

"Some of the things said were just uncalled for and unprofessional. I'm all for trash talking but you should leave someone's family out of it," Jean said.

"Yes, but all of this stuff makes for a good fight as we are seeing now," Mark said.

“This reminds me of my days in the fight game. Man, if that were me I would be excited. But you have a point. In the first round that was where Towns did most of her damage as that dominant left arm of Kalolo has been softened up with that arm bar attempt and in both the first and second round Towns gave out a striking punishment. But Kalolo has been hammering Towns. It’ll come down to who wants it more,” Jean explained.

“Well ladies and gentlemen who do you think will win? Send us your text. A is for Terror Towns. B is for Kalolo. Standard message rates apply to your carrier. If you call it right you could win a trip to Las Vegas for Gladius MMA 22 where the winner of this fight will face Beth Scratters for the women’s heavyweight title,” Mark announced.

“Round three to decide the number one contender to the women’s heavyweight title fight is starting right now!” Jean shouted.

That same woman in the bikini walked across the platform with a sign saying, “round 3.” The referee pointed to Solo and asked, “are you ready?” Solo nodded.

The referee looked to Towns and asked, “are you ready?” Towns nodded.

The referee shouted, “Lets get it on!” 

Towns was backing up, ducking and dodging while Solo went on the attack. No matter how fast the strikes from the Samoan were every last one of the blows were dodged. 

“It looks like the Terror is on defense which is an unusual position for her. She’s an aggressive submission artist,” Jean pointed out.

Towns went for a take down by grabbing the larger woman’s legs. Solo had a surprise waiting. With legs spread apart she was able to perform a take-down defense move known as a, “sprawl.” It was impossible for the terror to take her down now. For almost a whole minute Towns continued trying to take down the big woman but to no avail. The referee separated the two of them. If a hold went on for too long the referee would break the two of them up. Solo eyed the clock. She had less than four minutes to end this fight.

Just when Solo believed this fight would be more standing than anything else Emma Towns went for another shoot that worked this time. Even with Solo’s sprawl defense she went falling onto her back. Towns attempted a full mount meaning she would bypass Solo’s legs that was trying to prevent that said mount. The worst thing happened. The terror got the mount with both legs underneath the Samoan’s legs to hook in the mount. This was a last ditch effort to win the fight. Solo suffered a rain of punches to the face. The big woman covered up in an effort to protect herself. As far as crowd noise at no point in the night had the people been cheering louder.

“Emma Towns has the full mount and bringing the pain!” Jean exclaimed.

“Kalolo is in trouble!” Mark yelled.

Solo snaked her hand underneath one of Town’s legs and began removing the hook in while using the other arm for protection against the beat down. With a sudden rush of strength the bigger woman pushed that leg she had a hold on and thrust her hips up. Both competitors were lying on their sides. Solo grabbed Towns’ head to try to control the opponent’s body. Solo and Towns got up to their feet. Kalolo pushed her opponent away from her and immediately got her fists up. One minute was left on the clock.

“What an escape by Kalolo! This fight is coming to a close! Who will win?!” Jean exclaimed.

Towns smiled. “You know I’m going to win the point battle from this round. It’s over sweetheart. It is too bad. Just when you thought the Kalolo family would have finally had a winner,” the native Nevadan said.

That comment caused Solo to charge forward. Towns wanted to win by decision while Kalolo wanted this fight to go down as an absolute victory for her. Ducks and dodges were all that those charges and punches met. Solo straightened back up and got into a fighting stance now that she was in close proximity.

“30 seconds!” Mark shouted.

“It’s over. You lost. Just like your idiot father you’re nothing more than a loser,” Towns said.

Another exchange of blows was made. Instead of Emma Towns just running around the ring to try to get the easy win that competitor decided to be arrogant enough to believe that going blow for blow with Kalolo. Towns threw an overhand right hand with Kalolo slapping the opponent’s punching arm away. 

“15 seconds!” Jean yelled.

“I want to tell you something,” Solo said. 

“What? That you’re a loser? You don’t think I already know that?” Towns asked.

Solo threw a right handed body shot that Towns was going to dodge but that punch was a fake. Another punch with a left handed cross was going to be dodged but that too was a fake. Towns made a dodging movement. Those two fake punches were sold well by Solo because the whole fight the Nevadan had to respect those powerful hands. Therefore when both of the fakes were believed to be real punches and Towns made evasion motions the smaller opponent didn’t notice the right handed haymaker heading for the side of the jaw. The hit was tremendous. 

Only five seconds was left. For every second on the clock Towns took on average two blows directly to the head. Towns was known for being able to take a hit better than just about anyone in the Gladius MMA women’s division but even this person who was called the terror couldn’t take a beating like this. A two piece punching combination followed with a body blow, leg kick, elbow strike to the head and then a left handed uppercut that sent Towns to the mat. The referee checked on the fallen fighter and waved his hands to end the fight. There was just one second was left on the clock. 

“And it is all over!” Mark shouted.

“Wow!” Jean screamed.

“What a knockout by Solosolo Kalolo and with one second left in the round! That was incredible! I can’t believe what I just saw!” Mark exclaimed.

“We have to watch that replay! We need that replay!” Jean pleaded.

Solo said aloud, “oh and that something I needed to tell you? You just took two so don't bother calling me in the morning!” Solo ran around the octagon with her arms up.

The people weren’t booing her anymore. They got one hell of a show. Her uncle entered the cage door and hugged her. Solo broke the embrace. She climbed up the cage and straddled the top portion that was padded. She dragged her thumb across her throat and then placed her hands together in a praying motion while bowing her head. This was her signature call sign that meant, “kill ‘em and then pray for ‘em.” 

“Let’s take a look at that replay! Here you can see Kalolo punishing Towns with hit after hit,”Jean said.

The replay showed Kalolo punching Towns over and over again. This showed why Towns trying to stand up with that Amazon of a woman was a terrible idea. When Solo delivered the final shot the video showed Emma Towns not being much of a terror as the opponent’s legs gave up and their nearly lifeless body dropped to the mat. 

“Doctor Ambien with another satisfied patient!” Mark shouted.

A few moments later Solo stood side by side with a wobbly Emma Towns with the referee holding both of their wrists. Solo was wearing a hat displaying her single sponsor while Towns with all her sponsors had a tough time keeping the blood flow she had from all those shots she took under control.

The announcer announced, “the judges score this fight fourty one to ten and the winner by TKO and the new number one contender for the Gladius MMA women’s heavyweight title Solo “Dr. Ambien” Kalolo!” 

Solo almost wanted to cry because the people were cheering for her. She earned their respect.  Solo was offered the microphone. She got the microphone, turned towards where Beth Scratters was sitting and pointed at the current champion. 

“Scratters I’m coming for my belt!” she exclaimed.

The crowd cheered. Scratters gave her a few hand claps but Scratters was sweating for some reason. Solo gave the microphone back to the announcer. She left the octagon and waved to the fans and to the audience while walking back towards her locker room with her uncle following her.

The End

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