The Sun Striker, Part 2Mature

A chair was ready for Solo. She took a seat with her trainer looking at the side of her head. He didn’t think the hits did too much damage. Towns wasn’t known for great punching power. However he did have a look of concern on his face. 

“How was your nap? Good? Get a good rest in? Hmm? Laid on the ground enough?” he asked. Solo looked up at her trainer who was actually her uncle and frowned. 

“She didn’t do anything we didn't see coming. I’m fine. You act like I never been in that situation before,” she said.

“It’s not the punches I’m concerned about. You are not in the game. Something is distracting you and I think that something is the fact that she’s in your head now,” her uncle pointed out. Solo shook her head. 

“The audacity of that idiot to go after dad like that!” Solo shouted. Her uncle gave her a few pats on those broad shoulders and began giving her a shoulder massage.“Kiddo let me tell you a quick story,” he said.

Solo sighed. “Please, for the love of all that is sacred and not annoying as hell, spare me one of your boring stories. I got a fight to win,” she pleaded.

Her uncle went down to one knee. “There was this one time where me and your dad fought as kids. He was going to win but I gave him a cheap shot towards the end. Do you know why he lost?” he asked. 

“Because you fight dirty?” she asked back.

Her uncle shook his head. “No, it was because he wasn’t prepared to witness what people will do to get ahead of you. That woman over there is willing to do what it takes to win. You are not right now. That is why if you keep this nonsense up you’re going to lose and lose bad!” he proclaimed.

Solo nodded her head. While she couldn’t stand how her uncle lectured her even a thick headed person like herself had to admit the man had a point here. If she continued to let Towns taught her and act upon those taunts she’d almost surely get her first loss. 

“And we are back here at Gladius MMA! Tonight’s match up features the striker Solo Kalolo versus Terror Towns and the first round was entertaining to say the least!” Jean exclaimed.

“Right you are partner. We’re now heading into the second round that is sure to be a treat. We head down to the octagon where the second round is about to begin,” Mark said.

Towns and Kalolo stood across from each other with their fighting stances up. The woman they who was nicknamed the Terror had a bruise across the side of her head. Since the hometown product had a mohawk for a hairstyle the bruise was easier to see since the sides of the head was bald. Solo smiled when she saw the damage she did. The referee came between them.

He looked to Towns and asked, “are you ready?” The terror nodded.

The referee looked to Solo and asked, “are you ready?” Solo nodded multiple times.

“Hell yeah!” Solo shouted. 

Without anymore delay the referee waved his hand and shouted, “let’s get it on!”

“Round 2 is under way!” Jean shouted.

Solo went for the same moves as the first opening moves in the first round. She delivered a few jabs that were either blocked or dodged. Towns went for a shoot attempt but Solo side stepped out of the way. When the shoot attempt missed the Samoan tried to capitalize on the miss by going for a punch to that same side of the head that she punished earlier. Towns spun in place with a move straight out of an action film and evaded the attack. The two of them exchanged punch after punch but none of the strikes were connecting.

“Seems to be a bit of stalemate here. What do you think?” Mark asked.

“I’m not so sure if this is the wisest strategy for Towns. If I know fighting and I do this just seems like a knock out waiting to happen,” Jean pointed out.

What Towns probably didn’t realize was that Solo liked to appear predictable. Striking wasn’t just about punching but using every part of the body as a weapon. When her last punch attempt missed she went for a kick to the side of her opponent’s leg that connected with a loud smacking sound. Towns wobbled a little bit. Solo went for another leg kick on the same side. Towns raised her leg and the kick missed.

When the Samoan’s leg went back into place Towns gave a return leg kick. For over ten seconds a flurry of leg kicks made red spots on both of the women’s legs. Solo was trying to take away the speed and quickness of Towns to set up a knockout blow. On the flip side the Nevada native was trying to weaken the Samoan’s legs to make a take-down attempt easier.

“Ah man look at these leg kicks! These have gotta hurt!” Mark exclaimed.

"I've been on the receiving end of some of those in my career. Trust me when I say they do in fact hurt like hell," Jean explained. 

Something had to change. At this pace neither one of them would be able to walk in the morning. For an additional ten seconds they pelted each other with strikes to the sides of the legs. When Solo tried her last leg strike attempt Towns charged forward and went for an inside leg sweep. Since Solo was already in kicking motion that meant she only had one leg to stand on. Towns tripped her up easily.

Solo went to the mat. The submission specialist pounced on the larger woman. Solo’s arm was apprehended. Towns wrapped both legs around that arm and fell to the mat off to the side for a submission maneuver known as an arm bar. The crowd cheered and shouted, “tap! Tap! Tap! Tap!” A lot of people here wanted Solo to tap out.

“Brilliant strategy! Towns weakened the legs, waited for the right time to get the trip and while Kalolo was still dazed and confused went for the arm bar!” Jean shouted.

“And it looks like Kalolo is in trouble again! That arm bar looks to be locked in!” Mark yelled.

There was a problem with this hold. Since Solo had hit both of Towns’ legs so hard it was difficult for the submission fighter to get a good lock in since normally with arm bars locking both legs in place made the hold much easier to maintain. With legs this weak Solo was allowed to force her way up to her feet and turn her body so that she was in a squatting position. The hold was still in place.

When Towns realized the arm bar was weak a transition submission maneuver was attempted. Both legs were wrapped around Kalolo’s neck into yet another hold known as a triangle choke.

“Let’s see you get out of this one you stupid spoiled brat! Too bad your daddy is looking up from hell wondering why his only child is such a failure!” Towns shouted.

“Are you kidding me?! Look at the technical skill being used!” Mark shouted.

“Kalolo just has to tap out! There’s no escaping this!” Jean exclaimed.

“Let’s see you get out of this one you stupid spoiled brat! Too bad your daddy is looking up from hell wondering why his only child is such a failure!” Towns screamed.

Towns would have had this fight wrapped up had those words not been said. Each and every time an insult was thrown Solo only appeared to become a more frightening competitor. Even though the Samoan was being choked the amount of will and fighting spirit was immense. Towns’ eyes lit up when the submission specialist noticed their body being lifted up off of the mat. Solo was lifting the opponent up into the air and standing up more straight while doing so.

The crowd watched on in amazement. Solo wiggled her hand being held by Towns free and she managed to get a hold of her opponent’s neck. She also grabbed one of the legs wrapped around her head. Solo slammed the opponent down into the mat while falling down to make the impact more powerful.

“Holy smokes! My god the strength! My god the power!” Jean shouted. Mark was at a loss for words.

“Get up! I said get up! Get the hell up!” Solo shouted.

Her fists were clenched up so hard that her finger nails were digging into her gloves. Towns slowly got to a vertical stance. But that bad mouthing person wouldn’t be standing for long. Solo went for a right cross, a left hook, a right body shot, a leg kick that staggered Towns’ stance and then a knee strike to the chest. Towns stumbled backwards into the cage. When the Nevada resident regained their composure an exchange of blows erupted between the two fighters.

Towns was being pushed back into the cage again. Just when it was getting close to the round ending Solo got the upper hand yet again. A right handed overhead punch made Towns stumble but this time the damage was pretty obvious. The larger woman began to smell blood in the water. Solo viewed her opponent trying to hold themselves up with the cage as standing was becoming harder to do.

When the Samoan went over to deliver more punches a side kick to her knee cap from the person she was fighting against did some real damage as well. Solo dropped to the mat holding her knee. She tried to get up. She got onto one knee. Towns took advantage and delivered a kick right to Solo’s face that sent the big woman right back down into the mat.

“Oh man I thought it was over for a second there!” Jean exclaimed.

“They both look hurt. Who will gain the upperhand?” Mark asked.

Solo got up to her feet and so did Towns. The bigger woman hobbled from the pain in the knee cap and the smaller woman shook this head over and over again as if to shake off some dizziness. The bell rang. The referee both in between the two of them to make sure no further exchanges was made. Both of them stopped and looked at one another.

Emma Towns looked worried as there was bruising to the eye of the submission specialist as well as a mixture of blood from a cut above the eyebrow. Solo Kalolo looked relaxed. In fact Solo went back to her corner and just smiled at Towns from across the octagon. Of course the crowd was booing and some were cheering. The people were no longer getting to the Samoan. 

“That was a great second round. Talk about some bomb shells going off!” Mark said.

“You got that right. But I guess I would give that round to Kalolo as she was the aggressor. She took some shots there towards the end but man did she rock Towns yet again. I know both competitors are gonna need some serious ice after all this!” Jean explained.

“Who will win? Who will triumph? We’ll find out when the final round starts after the break. Stay tuned fight fans!” Mark said.

The End

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