Vigilant Skies

A moon in an obscure star system faces occupation by a fleet of separatists of the Cantarri State. Meant only to establish a center of command for an upcoming assault on the Cantarri Central Systems, the occupation has a myriad of repercussions for the inhabitants of Desmus...
A true work in progress. If you have any ideas, feel free to add!

Temple Minor

Mercaion System



3rd of Springtide, 739 N.E.



CNS Polyphony


Atlas Class Carrier

Nandinia Onyx Fleet

Section 6, Subfleet B


CO Admiral Amariid Thorian


Status -----


As of the aforementioned time, CNS Polyphony has exited trans-space outside of the Mercaion solar system. Power levels are currently running at emergency level in recuperation from the TS jump. All readings show functionality of the ship at large to be hovering at 99.3%. No damage or errors reported by initial diagnostics.


All other ships assigned to Mercaion are accounted for. Roster attached.


Operation Vigilant Sky is set to begin at approx. 1800 hours.



Jiom woke to the sound of birds screaming. The noise exploded through his slumber, filling his body with noise. He leapt out of bed, his heart punching its way out of his chest as a tidal wave of screams and squeals burst through his window. The golden glow of morning sun blinded him as he pried his eyes open, desperate to find the source of the deafening screech. He looked out his window, expecting to see the the vast plains that stretched out before him daily and into the distant mountain ranges to the south. What he saw was baffling.

His view of the Desmusion plains were almost completely obscured by a storm of black birds shooting towards his house. He stood, mesmerized, for a moment, watching the cloud of swarming birds roll over the plains. The amorphous wall sped toward him, and he was paralyzed with fear and awe. Closer and closer it got, blocking out the light of the sun, until it slammed into his home. Birds shot like bullets through his window and into his bedroom wall.

It wasn’t until one slammed into his chest that he was shook from his daze, and he jumped to the floor, covering his ears. He laid on the floor, waiting for the situation to end or at least make sense. Several minutes passed, and little by little the barrage seemed to wane and the sunlight reclaimed its reign over his room. The noise receded, and he slowly got up, shaking. His room was destroyed. Dead birds lay strewn across the floor, holes punctuated his walls. The air smelled musty and pungent, and feathers drifted across the floor.

He walked out of his room, finding dead birds laying throughout his home. Stuck in walls, broken on the floor, shoved in furniture across from windows. He staggered to his front door and stepped outside. He could see clearly the familiar expanse of the Kilmesh Valley  he had grown up looking over. He let in the sight of the vivacious grain fields and snaking streams and rivers. He traced the land up to the rigid mountains that beckoned up to the sky. But as he lifted his head up to take in the rest of the vista, he saw that his sky had changed. Drifting out of a mass of clouds to the south, a massive starship made its home in the skies of Desmus.




Waking from a nap in the living quarters of the CNS Polyphony, Heramane Dilor rolled out of her bunk, stretched, and proceeded to get dressed. She dragged herself into the miniscule bathroom attached to her austere bunk room and quickly washed, rinsed, and dried her hair. She donned her ash gray jumpsuit and pulled her jet black hair hair back into a tight bun.

Looking the mirror, she adjusted the pins and badges on her chest, which signified her rank and role as Chief of the Engineering Corp. A pair of silver hands, one holding a sword, the other a torch, were pinned into the thick fabric. Below them, an series of 6 stars arched upward. She twisted them so they all lay in the same fashion, then, satisfied, made her way through her bunk room and over to the door. She pressed a keypad on the wall, and noise filled the air as the barrier between her and a bustling hallway receded. With a brisk pace, she allowed herself to be swept away in the current of determined deckhands, who shot from place to place like ants in a lively colony.

Heramane looked at her watch, and, seeing that she at least an hour before she had to head to the command bridge, slowed down and headed to the lounge area.  


The End

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