A Savage is BornMature

This is the opening story for Dr. Jennifer Pallow. This scientist is the catalyst for all the world's chaos and mishaps. What she considered to be a great creation ended in fire and this fire could only be quenched by the monsters she created. Dr. Pallow created the world's first superhumans who are called advans in this story. This is the story of her experimenting on her own daughter to accomplish her life goals.

The laboratory was silent today. Each lab assistant and scientist here was used to the silence and the gray walls. From wall to wall everything was bland and cloaked in the kind of gray darkness one expects from a meaningless dream. Only the sight of women and men dressed in white provided the only luminescence. Those people hovered over a body on a metal slab fit for an autopsy as if they were aliens who abducted the unsuspecting farmer.

"Doctor is this even legal?" asked a voice that was presumably coming from a loud speaker.

"What we do here we do for the greater good. The ends justify the means senator," said the head doctor.

A woman wearing a blue name badge different from the other orange identification clip on devices took a step forward. She eyed the body. A smile came across her face. This facial expression was that of a mother that was proud to have given birth to a god. An ironic thought this was. The literal nature of that feeling could not have been more appropriate. The person on the table resembled her in so many ways that one could have identified them both as kindred. Both had the same dirty blonde hair, tanned skin color and long legs and arms like the typical depiction of grey aliens.

Instead of the body being deceased this was a live person who appeared to have been drugged. Their arms were littered with needles connected to machines that injected substances for sedation. A young woman turned her head on the table. There was no flinching despite this looking like a dissection with all the tools for dismemberment and puncturing around. She seemed calm while ignoring the fact she brandished no clothing.

The head doctor reached over and touched the younger woman with a palm to the forehead. A rubbing motion was established. That smile only grew wider. Uncontrolled shaking made the metal slab the patient lay upon made loud clanging sounds with each tapping of the slab legs hitting the harder metal of the flooring. Something was happening to whomever was presumably being experimented upon.

Everything about the young woman could have said she was groomed to be a science fair project on a grand scale. Her head being shaved into a mohawk might have appeared to be something that was done for an experiment but nothing could be further from the truth. The tattoos on the side of the head that wasn't clean shaven bore witness to the fact that this was probably the woman's hair style of choice. Her body was covered in ink work of the mundane to the completely grotesque depictions of dismemberment. The needle markings didn't come from the tattoo work but would be more symbolic of a habitual drug user.

The head doctor reached over and touched the younger woman with a palm to the forehead. A rubbing motion was established. That smile only grew wider. Uncontrolled shaking made the metal slab the patient lay upon made loud clanging sounds with each tapping of the slab legs hitting the harder metal of the flooring. Something was happening to whomever was presumably being experimented upon.

"Remain calm," the doctor said. 

"W-what's happening?" the patient asked.

"It'll be over in a second. Your body just isn't used to the upgrade process. You'll feel some changes," the doctor responded with.

"Mom?" asked the patient.

"I know sweetee. It'll be okay. Just trust me," the doctor said.

Just as quickly as it began the shaking stopped. All of the rapid movement appear to cease with the conversation between the two women. The woman on the surgical surface stood up. Her naked body didn't seem to be of any concern to anyone in the room. She held her hands up and looked. Both of her eyes appeared to narrow and alter from pupils to slits that were similar to something a feline would have.

"Lights," the doctor ordered.

When the command was made the over head lights went dark. The patient's eyes lit up when the light from a cell phone camera was presented from the doctor. With a few steps backwards the doctor who was called, "mom" gave the patient some space. At least there was an appearance of just giving this young woman some breathing room. The patient turned her head from left to right. Footsteps leaving the room shouldn't have been this loud nor should she have been able to smell what everyone had for breakfast.

"Where are you guys going? What did I do? What's wrong with me? Mom? Mom?!" the weird eyed girl shouted.

All four corners of the room began to expand with a sickening mechanical noise that appeared to drive the patient crazy from the sounds being so loud. She dropped to the floor covering her ears. She screamed in pain. From out of her left ear came a stream of blood as if the internal ear drum had burst. Her body twisted and turned from left to right while she hugged herself tightly. Once the wall expansion ceased the overhead lights revealed that even the ceiling had ascended upwards.

Despite there being some pain the woman appeared to be able to tolerate this sort of torture. She stood up. A quick scan exposed the caged coliseum type of set up. The far right wall began expanding. This time around the mechanical sounds didn't seem to bother the young lady despite the sound being just as loud as before. She had a confused look on her face. The distance of the sounds didn't seem to matter as she heard everything just as clear as if she would have had she been right next to the opening wall gate. 

Out of that gate came a beastly creature clad in orange fur. The experiment of a woman narrowed her eyes and assumed a crouching position like a feline. It was as if she instantly recognized that what lay before her was a foe. She hissed like a grumpy kitten. Her long finger nails dug into the metal flooring. That creature wouldn't have matched any known species of big cat on the planet.

A bipedal beast allowed long claws to slowly extend from its paws in the middle of both palms. The woman turned her head to the side while looking forward as if she were confused on the strange location of those claws. With a loud roar it began beating on its own chest and displayed those long and menacing looking canine teeth. Despite the woman's larger than average height she was dwarfed compared to this monster. A louder speaker got both of the animal-like beings' attention.

"This is a mere experiment. Take it easy on one another. Try not to make a mess. You two can heal but that all depends on the injuries sustained. Please don't trash the pla-"

The doctor's voice was interrupted by the sounds of the two contestants in this laboratory gladiator arena ignoring the instructions and fighting one another. A hatred appeared to exist between these two and yet neither one of them knew why such animosity existed. The bigger creature didn't possess the same speed and agility as the smaller woman who dodged every claw strike thrown. Tracking this new experiment was like trying to catch a gnat on steroids.

"Stay still you little worm!" 

Large dents was made in the metal enclosure. The thing that put more shock into the eyes of the onlooking scientists viewing the fight safely behind bullet proof glass wasn't the fact that the bigger combatant could actually talk but it was the fact that size didn't seem to matter in this brawl. Instead of remaining on defense the smaller person went on the attack with a flurry of awkwardly angled kicks. When the fight transitioned from using the kicking to punches the difference in strength didn't seem so great anymore. Further it became clear who the real savage was at that point.

"Wait! Elaine! This is just a test! There's no reason to-"

Pleas from the doctor didn't matter anymore as the woman doing the fighting appeared to go into a rage. Once the mouse of the fight got their opponent onto the ground a mounting maneuver was made. She didn't stop beating the presumably male victim in the face. There wasn't much of a combination of downward punching motions as much as there was just clubbing motions that looked more like a neanderthal trying to smash a rock with their bare hands. No one could call this fight fair anymore. The blood, teeth and exposed facial muscles from ripped away fur and flesh was the evidence of just who was superior.

Out of the opening in the far right wall came the doctor and a few assistants. The hulking creature needed help or he would be killed. The doctor was already armed with a tranquilizing injection that was quickly jammed into the savage woman's neck. In seconds the experiment gone berserk dropped to the floor like a lifeless doll. Cracking and squishing sounds came from the creature who almost blacked out from the beating. Those sounds came as a result of the rapid healing the beast was capable of. In the same time that the fight became so one sided the losing party was completely healed with only their own blood dripping from a depressed looking muzzle expression being the aftermath.

The doctor reached down and picked up the limp limb woman with care. A look of amazement came from the beast who had been beaten within an inch of his life. That expression was the general reaction from anyone witnessing the doctor displaying her own impressive upper body strength. Not a sweat was broken. In between talking the doctor held the person who called her mom with only one arm as if this person were nothing more than a paper weight.

"Christ in heaven you weren't kidding doc. She's insane. What did you do to her?" the creature asked.

"Mawl, you know the rules. We don't discuss abilities because then you'd just get an unfair advantage if you know what she can do if we choose to do this again," the doctor explained.

"Again? You insane? You honestly think I'm doing this a second time? You think you pay me enough?" the creature asked.

"If you choose not to help us anymore I fully understand," the doctor said.

With the experiment in her arms the medical professional turned and began walking away towards the wall opening. She turned her head and looked back at the creature she referred to as Mawl. A smile went across her face. The body was then slung over her shoulder. The doctor stopped just before her body would be enveloped by the darkness of the outside opening.

"If you must know you two are the first brute types we've created. You are the feline physiologist and she is the barbarian physiologist. Both of you are different but Elaine is a savage. Oddly enough despite your appearance you are more civilized," the doctor explained.

"And I guess this means you're going to use her soon?" asked Mawl.

"But of course," said the doctor.

Mawl's expression spelled anger. He didn't seem to like the answer to the question. His huge body slowly got to a vertical base with a remaining puddle of blood remaining on the floor. He folded his arms and shook his head. With a loud thumping sound with each step he walked towards the exit as well.

The End

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