You can call me Jack

Jack was about to hang up his mask and cape for the last time when the emergency phone rang.

"This better be bad news, real bad news. I told my wife I wouldn't be doing this any more. Jesus, she practically begged me to stop. Can't you find anyone else?"

"I'm sorry Jack, but only you can handle this. This is the worst time yet. This time he's gone after famous tourist locations."

"My god, that's sick. The casualties could be huge!"

"I know, I'm sorry to ask you this, but do you think you can help the world one last time Jack."

Jack gripped the phone tight and went silent for a moment. He thought about his wife and son. Then he though about the wives and husbands and sons and daughters of all the people that maniac would kill if he didn't do something. Damn it! Forgive me...

"Okay, I'll do it."

"Thank you Jack, the world is in your debt."

"I know." Click.

The handset fell back onto its cradle and Jack sighed as he began putting on his cape and mask. This has better be the last time, no, it will be, a promise.

He pulled on his blue mask, the one with the horns, then reattached his yellow cape to his red spandex suit. Shaking his head, he went to the window, opened it and then flew out into the night. It was gonna be a long flight.

12 hours later Jack landed in Egypt. The local authorities had been informed of his arrival and he was promptly escorted to the Sphinx.

The whole area was surrounded by police and as he stepped out of the car, a guy obviously in charge came up and shook his hand.

"So, you're the specialist from overseas?"

"Yeah, you can call me Jack. What's the damage?"

"We count 24 bombs in total. Also, that's not all. It seems the culprit has disturbed the pyramids, the place is crawling with mummies. You sure you can handle it."

"Damn it! I hate mummies." Jack growled, grinding his teeth. "Sure, sure I can do it, leave it to me."

With that Jack jumped over the barriers and began flying up to the bombs, defusing each one in turn. The first few were easy, they always were, but the last few were surrounded by mummies.

"I hate mummies." Jack mumbled under his breath. It took a while but eventually he managed to to duck around them and get to the bombs. The Sphinx was saved.

The locals barely had enough time to save him before he took off and flew to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Then Miami, then the Acropolis. He was just getting back, hanging up his cape again when the phone went again.

"Please, don't ask me again."

"I'm sorry Jack, but he's done it again, he must have been on step behind you all the way, laying more bombs and more traps. It's even worse this time. There's noone else we can turn too."

Jack looked at the picture of his wife on the sideboard and sighed. No matter how hard he tried he just couldn't turn his back on the tourist board, they needed him.

"Okay." Here we go again...

The End

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