Zombies, Gold and Lots of Guards: A Thief's Tale

My name is Garrett.

But that's unimportant. It's what I do that holds the most importance in this story. It all started when I was a child, I pickpocketed an advanced guard that our society calls a Keeper. He caught me, it was one of my last mistakes as a thief. The Keeper turned round, and with dark leering eyes and a slightly smug grin he whispered "How would you like to come and work for the Keepers, boy?" With the promise of food and a road out of the slum I lived in, how could I refuse? Keeper training was intense, but I managed to complete it with flying colours, of course. Then on my way to be properly initiated I thought I'd grab a golden candle worth a few coins off the table in the lobby. They found out, yet another mistake, and I was cast out of the Keepers forever. But with my acrobatic expertise and knowledge about thieving I knew where my career path lead.

Since then, stealing, running from guards and killing the violent spirits of dead members from a creepy society named the Hammers is all I know. I dodge guards by the dozen, though I try not to kill if I can help it. After all, I'm no Keeper's Assassin. Though if I happen to be going through a zombie infested Old Quarter killing definitely is permitted. That is if I have holy water, such a shame that's the only way the buggers'll die.

The Keepers still get into contact with me sometimes, they generously gave me a mechanical eye after I had some trouble with an outdated old God called the Trickster. Last week I visited a charming, haunted old mental hospital nicknamed 'The Cradle'. Freakiest place I'd ever been, even more than the Trickster's mansion, and that's saying something. Let's just say it's hard to steal gold from a place when you don't know where the floor's gone. And as for the Cradle, it's even harder to steal stuff and carry out a job for someone when you're being sent back in time and chased by life-sized, jerky puppets all the time. I managed it though, eventually. I have to say, being a thief is not the easiest job. But from what I've seen, neither is being a Guard, or a zombie, or a Hammer Ghost. 

My name is Garrett. And I am Thief.

The End

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