The scientists said it would work and I'll admit, I didn't believe them at first. I mean, I'm no idiot, but the whole concept of folding space in on itself, creating pocket dimensions, this whole torus-based 4 dimensional geometry garbage, I mean, it sounds like a bunch of made up bullcrap. Something to keep you believing long enough to reconsider eating a gun. But by God it bloody worked. They sealed Earth off from the outside universe, wrapping it up in torus shaped fold of space-time. We're finally safe.

When the first alerts came there was no plan in place. I mean, seriously, what nation would expend all that capital to defend the whole planet from a theoretical threat? No-one would, no-one did, so when those great big balls of rock started heading our way, the pants were brown in every house of state across the planet. It took impending doom to bring the world together, to make us work with each other so we could all see another tomorrow and damn didn't humanity step up. The fold-space shield system.

As it turns out though, it was still too late. Some of them got within range of the shield before it was deployed so now they're trapped in here with us and worse, due to the shield, they can never just drift away. Drift to the right, you'll see 'em coming from the left.

I'm just one in a long line of fighter pilots with one mission. Blast the hell out of those things before they hit Earth. Learning how to navigate in this fold-space region requires some serious mind-bending, but I did it and I'm the best of the best.

Anyway, 'nuff chit chat, I got me some 'roids to split.

The End

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