Red and Blue: Bullet Hell

"Hey, Blue."

"Yes, Red?"

"Any idea why there are bombs blowing up everywhere and everyone wants to kill us?"

"No, Red," Blue said patiently, "I don't know why."

"How about that unlimited ammo thing! Too bad they got it too. Blue, is it normal to be viewing this in a 2d vertical scrolling vantage point from inside our teeny-weeny ships?"

"I don't know, Red."

"Why are we trying to kill them? What's the point? Is there even a real plot?"

"Red." Blue was getting exasperated.

"1 up? Is that the first version of that soda?"

"I don't know, Red. Please be quiet and let me play."



"Tsk. You gotta insert a coin."

"RED!" Blue's tone was murderous. "I'm stealing your life."


The End

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