We are Them. Earth fears us, and rightly so.  We are powerful, we are fast, and we are many. We have come... and we aim to destroy.

I lead the attack.  With a battle cry we descend into Earth's gravity well, but something goes wrong! A flare from the planets' sun, perhaps. Electromagnetic waves. Something, we don't know what, interferes with our thrusters, and all we can do is dart left and right, our legs flailing uselessly to attempt to steer us. It's madness! 

But what's this? Our guns still work! Yes! We can still rain our fury down upon Earth's pitiful defenses! All they have are some weak-looking dome-shaped bunkers... bunkers that large chunks of get vaporised by our direct-energy beams and fission bombs!

Then, we get our first look at the enemy's attacker... just as a brilliant laser beam decimates the comrade on my right.  I seeth with anger and squeeze my tentacles tighter on the weapon, and a powerful blast knocks out the Earthling's robotic drone.

Unfortunately, another one rises up out of the ground to replace it as holes open up beneath the ruined bits of scrap robot. 

More of my bretheren are vaporised out of existance, until I am the last one left.  I am now within detail distance of the domes, and I see the unexpectedly worthy drone duck for cover under the last remaining one, half destroyed already, and I know it won't last long. 

I smell victory.  I descend, and my tentacles touch the dome.  I aim my weapon down the small hole in the dome's hull, and am just pulling the trigger when a searing beam of concentrated heat unloads from below, into my gun, instantly engulfing it in a ball of fire.

My last thoughts are of how much I hate these Earthlings.  I know that the second wave will come in harder and faster.  But for me, I will know nothing more.

Everything goes black.

The End

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