The Running Game

Bob: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back from the commercial break...

Greg: And you'll never guess what's happening! Yes, Bo Jackson still has the ball! Shocking, I know.

Bob: Ah, yes, that's correct - Bo continues to elude the Patriots defense, as he has been doing for almost... forty minutes now! To recap what's happened so far -

Greg: Because we having nothing bloody better to do!

Bob: That's not very professional Greg. Anyway, the game began with the kickoff being received by Tim Brown at his own 23 yard line. In an inexplicable turn of events, Tim then ran backwards to his own 1 yard line and stepped out of bounds!

Greg: He's an idiot, that's why.

Bob: Greg, really now. So, on the first play from scrimmage Schroeder handed the ball off to Jackson and he's been running ever since, in what has to be one of the most impressive athletic displays we have ever been witness to! He has run from one end of the field to the other multiple times now, he's gone from sideline to sideline more times than I can count and the Patriots have just been unable to tackle him! We can now say, without any doubt, Bo knows football!

Greg: Obviously Bo does not know sportsmanship.

Bob: Greg please. This just in folks: Mortimer, our unparalleled statistician, has informed me that Bo has run nearly five thousand yards since he received the handoff! At this point you'd have to say that if the Patriots do manage to bring him down before he crosses into the end zone it would be very embarrassing to Mr. Jackson indeed.

Greg: Well that's not bloody likely, is it? They're bloody terrible! I could tackle better than this.

Bob: Well he has had some very good blocking from his teammates...

Greg: You're joking, right? You must be joking. I've seen enough, I'm going down there to put an end to this.

Bob: You can't do that Greg. Can he do that? This is unprecedented ladies and gentlemen! Our very own Greg Wilson is heading down to the field to attempt to tackle Bo Jackson and finally put an end to this play! Will he be able to do it? We'll find out after this commercial break.

The End

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