Videogames Reworked

Take an old videogame and re-imagine it as a short story!

The basic premise of this is to take a video game and rework it into a short story. Each chapter has to be a different story. It could be entirely unrelated, or you could try and take the last chapter and continue it into your new new videogame story reworking, I'm not decided on it yet, we'll see what happens.



Another day, another pill. It's all that ever seems to matter nowadays. I've been searching for ever it seems, for something, anything to give my life meaning, but whenever I get close I just move on.

I'm an addict. I can barely move a meter without needing to pop another pill. Anything to keep the voices at bay, to stop the ghosts of my past from haunting me.

So far, I've been here for a few weeks, the longest stay yet. Usually I move on before now but something has kept me here, wandering this maze of concrete and glass looking for my next fix. Maybe it's because I feel different this time, like somethings coming.

Through a drug-addled haze I make them out in the distance, the ghosts, haunting me, their relentless pursuit never ending, only being dimmed by the drugs but this time they've broken through and all I can do is run, run as fast as I can to the next dealer in the hope I can get something to block them out.

Maybe I'm insane, maybe the drugs have messed up this brain of mine so far that there will never be an escape until I finally overdose and I'm found lying dead in a gutter, jaundice and split open like a diseased melon. I can't even remember how I got here, my life now seems to be one of constant movement, never stopping in one place long enough to gather memories.

A last burst of speed and I find some seedy freak on a corner, selling something hard. Huge pills, guaranteed to give me the ride of my life he says. Of course, I pay him, anything to escape if only for a moment. I swallow the pill then and there and I almost panic as the fist-sized ball of god-knows-what slowly works its way down to my stomach. The ghosts are getting closer, I can hear their screams.

Closer. Louder. Closer. Louder. They're here! And then...

Something about this pill, something's different. Suddenly, I don't feel afraid anymore and as if the ghosts had sense this, they turn and flee. It wont do them any good. For the first time in my life I feel like I can win and I pursue them, towards the centre of the city. What does that mean? I don't know, but I chase on and in my high I think I'll consume them as once I feared they would me.

Am I crazy? I don't know and thanks to the pill, I no longer care. Instead the hunted has become the hunter and mindlessly I chase my prey towards the center of the city. With a previously unknown clarity, my mind screams out a single thought. I will have my revenge.

The End

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