What if your world was changing, and you were caught in a battle- one problem. You don't know what you're fighting for. You do know one thing however- if you fight, you die. It's that simple.






That’s what we fight for. And even now, standing in line on the brink of a battle, I can’t help but wonder why the hell I’m here; sword in hand, bow on my back, arrows slung over my shoulder.


It’s natural, I suppose, to get cold feet. But I really can’t grasp the concept. I’m panicking. I’m panicking, because I know what is going to happen. I know I’m going to die.


Let me out let me out let me out of this.


I never wanted this. But here I am, trapped; about to fight a battle I don’t even know the cause for. Here I am, about to die.

The End

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