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     As I jaunted towards Mrs. Skyler, the other students still had their eyes fixated on my every movement. With every time their eyes blinked, I felt their approval rating of me drop a couple pegs. Why should I be worried about them? Oh, probably because this is my first day and everything I do on this day will affect the rest of my year here.

"Aurelia! You must be John Egbert's foreign exchange kid, yes?" Mrs. Skyler gave me a pat on the shoulder.

"Yes, ma'am." I replied shyly.

"Why don't you go pick some people to sit by and we'll get started with the introductory activity?" As she pushed me along, I heard my name get called out.

"Hey, Aurelia! Come sit with us!" I heard someone call out. Looking around, I noticed two hands waving frantically in the air.

     I climbed the stairs leading on to the stage and made my way for the voice that called for me. The waving hands and voice belonged to a girl small in stature, with shoulder length light brown hair. As I set my stuff down, she crawled over and hugged my legs. Yes, my legs. Nervously chuckling, she let go and I was able to sit down.

"Hello, new furend~!" She smiled customarily, putting her hand up to her face as a paw.

"H-Hello," I stuttered, "isn't there someone else with you? You said 'us' when you called me over." Looking around, I failed to notice anyone.

"Yes, he pounced when I invited you over. He can barely stand anyone, that kid. In turn, no one can really put up with him either." The girl scratched her head.

"Allow me to go find him!" Before I could interject, she had jumped up and ran off.

     I noticed our teacher was distracting herself with talking to other adults who'd walked in, presumably other teachers. I wasn't going to complain, introductory activities are the bane of my existence. Moments later, the girl had returned. She was dragging the boy by what looked like his...scarf?

"John requested that we make nice with her, okay? Introduce yourself!" Swinging the scarf in front of her, the kid fell only inches from my lap.

"Nep, you're ridiculous, you knoww that?" He picked up his glasses, fixating them upon his face and quickly wrapping his scarf back around his neck.

"Well, to start off, I'm Aurelia Sabella, straniero cambio from Italy." I extended my hand with a rough smile, hoping he'd reciprocate.

"Hmph. Eridan Ampora, I'm sure John has mentioned me already anyway." Eridan shook my hand, it felt cold against mine.

"See? That wasn't so hard, now was it? I'm Nepeta Leijon, by the way~!" We were now sitting in a triangle around each other.

     After that, the introductory activity wasn't so bad. I had Nepeta and Eridan (mostly?) to talk with throughout the whole class. I guess this place was off to a pretty decent start.


     My general chemistry class went by with a breeze. I had that class with John, which was what I'd been looking forward to all day. I met a girl in there, her name is Jade Harley. She's a long term friend of John's from what I hear. Dramatic Literature actually had a note on the door saying it was cancelled because Ms. Llannel didn't show up. John and I were now on our way to lunch, walking down the long hallways by ourselves until Dave showed up. 

"So, Aurelia, how's it going so far today? Who all have you had the gracious privilege of meeting?" Dave put an arm around my shoulder.

"Jade, Nepeta, and... Eridan. My Dramatic Literature class was actually cancelled because our teacher didn't show up." I shifted my gaze forward, taking in the broad sight of Winterville Institute's massive cafeteria.

"My condolences." Dave said solemnly as we all sat at a table, waiting for our friends.

"For what?" I asked curiously.

"You met Eridan." Dave pursed his lips together as he got up and followed John to the lunch line.

     To be honest, I wasn't really that hungry. When my nerves are high, I don't eat. It's really inconvenient. I set my backpack in the chair to my right and pulled out a book I'd found in the library. Resuming from where I'd last stopped, all the chatter and scooting chairs was quieted by my eyes scanning the words on the page. I was perfectly content with just reading, but more people started to arrive at the table. A couple of guys and one girl approached, setting their bags at their chosen chairs.


The End

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