Victoria: The Dark Secret

This book is about a girl named Victoria who has a brother and sister, a very good friend and a guy that takes her breath away. Victoria, her family and her friends are definitely not normal nor human. The troubles they face, the secrets that were kept, and the passion they have for each other will bring chills. Read the book and you'll find out the secrets and lies that are in this book!

We have difficulties in life, and some we can't let go. It's hard living a life as a young girl, especially when you are something no one else is. Let me introduce myself, my name's Victoria. I'm 16 years old but in reality, I'll let you guess. I live in Crosstown Village, a small town just north of Washington, DC. I go to George Washington High School. Interesting enough, I live in a state with a historical background. In Washington High, I made some awesome friends; surprisingly, most of their traits are like mine. First, my bff, or boo as I like to call her, Stephanie. She's not only my best friend but my partner in crime. Wiser, smarter, and loves to calculate every move. The only one that holds my deepest and darkest secret. My temptation is difficult, but there's one person  that helps me with that, Alex my Fearless love, I'm lost without him. Just thinking of him helps me breath and understand my purpose in this life. He doesn't know my secret, I'm afraid of losing him. There's something about him. His crystal green eyes, I can see his soul, his long, blonde hair caressing his face is my irresistible sin, and his scent will test my love till the end. 

                                                                                          -Chapter 1

The End

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