Victim of the ClownMature

Ruby has lived her whole life in Gotham City.
Living day by day, growing life fine and boring.
Well, I can't count her job boring.
She works alongside one of the city's most dangerous and well known criminals.
This is her story of her job and how unexpected events unfold.

Prologue: A Few Days Ago.

Crouching on the roof above the platform....
I've looked to my left and can see a little boy with his mom. Ok.
Hmm.... Where can I find the light switches....?
Control room. How to get there...?
What am I saying? I'm sure I can sneak there without anyone noticing.... Might have to take out a few people while I'm at it.... That used to be my job, after all...
No, wait.... Why don't I just flick claws at the lights to make them go out?
I'd have to be quick to get the ones I need.
The one nearest.... Others....
I smell their panic.... Time for me to pounce. My night-eyes activate.
Jumped down lightly and am approching the pair I picked earlier. My mouth begins to water.
I hear the tracks vibrating. A train is coming, good timing.
I think I'll use a flash bomb...

Dropped the flash bomb, squinting my own eyes against the glare, but I've got the kid to let go of his mom's hand and have shoved him hard towards the tracks as the transportation machine comes into view.
Now I melt back into the shadows above and listen for the results...
That cracking/crunching sound just makes my mouth water even more.
A scream.
Calm down, lady. I need to eat after all....
While the lights are still being repaired, I'll just leap onto the top of the train and swiftly get over to where the body is before they can get it.

There we go, now I'll head for a lone area.... An alley... Perfect! Not too far away, a good hidey-spot.
Wait.... Someone's following me. Probably just.... Nah, Ryder's dead.... The Bat...?
Too bad for him, he'll never catch me. Not without getting an injury or two....

OK, I'm in the alley now, at least.
Wow, there's lots of my favourite drink coming from this kid... It's nice and warm, too...
So's the flesh... Muscles.... Organs must be my favourite part, thinking back to that green suited guy.... Riddles or something?
Hmm. Oh well.
Now I'm enjoying my meal... Much better than whatever the human considers to be food....
Ears twitching.... Lame human ears, never capable of showing emotion....
I hear footsteps.... Don't I recognise those footfalls...? That's not the Bat....
The Clown....?
No, wait.... Not just him.....
One more chunk of meat, I think I have to leave....

I'm on edge, eyes darting all around, high and low.
If I had fur it'd be sticking up now...
I'd be growling too, if there wasn't blood dripping from my human's lips and the food wasn't blocking the vocal cords....
Right. Leave the kid, I hear my instincts say. It's time to go.
And that I do, swiftly climbing the side of the building for the rooftop and heading back towards the one place my human'd rather be.



Present Day.

Hi there! I'm Ruby.
Ruby Levine.
Perhaps you've heard of me?

Well, outsiders. Don't meet many of those here in Gotham.
They don't seem to live long enough.

Say, since you're here, would you like to hear my story? It'll help you to know some of the more famous residents of this city.
Ignore that poster for now.

Why don't we go into this cafe here, get out of the rain?
Yes, it's gonna rain, I can tell by the clouds coming our way... Those black ones over there!
Oh, come on, before we get wet... Bad things seem to happy when Gothamites get wet....

There, that's better, isn't it? In the warm and dry.
Let's sit here.

Now, my story.
I'm sure you've heard of the one known as the Joker?

Heh, that got you interested really, didn't it...?
Funny thing is, I used to know him, personally.
No, really, I used to work for him.

Now you're feeling uncomfortable... I can sense it.

If you want to leave, go ahead.

If you want to hear my story, make yourself comfortable.

Go ahead and decide.

The End

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