Victims that don't remember their names or even where they belong are being controlled by a malicious higher power.

The biting chill smothered the warmth from my body. Complaints made themselves known as they demanded for food. Lying on my cell’s dense floor I hunted for any little piece of information that would help me to remember my name. None of us prisoners remembered our names, but they said if we remembered we would go free. 

A path of light spilled into my dark cell when a guard stood in the doorway. “Move it!” 

Despite the sores on my feet from yesterdays labor I jumped up and waited to be hand cuffed. My entire body froze at how familiar the guard looked. Despite the blackness in the cell his patch of blond hair was noticeable, but his eyes no longer resembled a summer’s soil, but an endless cave. “Have you figured out your name yet?” The guard scoffed.

I suddenly remembered who he was when I saw a thin chain wrapped around his thick wrist. He used to tell me that perhaps his bracelet was from a lover he once had. Every prisoner was desperate to find to at least a hint of where they came from and who they were. He was the only person that tried to help me to survive in that hell hole, and those creatures took the only thing he had left to call his own.

When he fastened the rusty iron rings around my wrists he then hauled me out of the cell. He threw a thin blanket to cover my naked body. I tried to cover my body as much as I was able to, but I only managed to cover half of it. To avoid any of us to smuggle any weapons they wouldn’t provide us with clothes.

He towed me down the dim path where all the cell doors displayed their numbers. A flash of light burned my eyes when he pulled me into a more expanded room. There were thousands of people cramped up in one medium sized cell. Bored guards would throw potatoes skins at them, and laugh at the prisoners battling each other for it. My guard stopped at the sight of another in front of a solid door. “What’s her number?”

“I brought number 9786.” My guard reported. The other guard swept his gaze among my body, and seemed very pleased to what he was seeing. 

He snatched a few strands of my brown hair, and then sank his eyes into mine. 

“You’ve got rare beautiful eyes.” He then looked at my guard to bark another order. “Please take excellent care of her. Our leader I’m sure is going to want to put her to good use.”

“Yes, sir.” 

My heart rattled against my chest, not knowing what was beyond that door when he shoved me through the entrance. The pitch blackness made it hard for me to see, but narrow water falls of light would find their way through the cracks. I stepped through the tiny cell. My head jerked at the sound of someone‘s voice. “You look no more than sixteen.”  

Silence praised for my heart to race faster. “Hello?” I wasn’t sure how to respond. An older, lean and tall man came into view. Most of his hair was a blue black, but you could see the sprouting of gray hair appearing. His bare body made me look away. “Who are you?”

I tried to cover myself, but then I realized the blanket was already stolen from me when they forced me in the cell. 


I shot him an evil glare. I wasn’t asking for the name he had given himself. I was asking for the cell number he had been given. 

He chuckled. “I’ve heard people didn’t give themselves names, because they felt it would help to forget your real name even more.”

“So why are we here together?”

He arched up an eyebrow. “Isn’t it obvious?” He sighed when my face still remained blank. “They want us to conceive.”  

The End

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