Việc đốt những

“Well, something smells delicious.” quips Detective  Sergeant Riley Anderson, stepping into the oddly pristine crime scene. Half a dozen forensics analysts scan the room for clues of any kind. Despite the rotting corpse in the middle of the room, it’s actually a decent apartment. A small bed, flat screen, and desk furnish the room. The walls are blank, except for a small poster of some terrible horror movie. As bad as the movie may have been, the poster is still disturbing. Glancing just to the left of the poster, Anderson spots a small Asian woman standing in the corner watching the forensics geeks. 

    “You should’ve smelled it before we opened the window.” retorts a young police officer by the name of Charlie Nelson, who was the first to arrive at the scene. Perfect hair and a crisp uniform suggest nothing less than ‘Academy Favorite’. “Come ‘ere for a sec. You’ve gotta check this out.”

    Kneeling next to the badly decomposed corpse at his feet, Officer Nelson uses his pen to open up one of the eyelids. While the rest of the body was suffering from decomposition, something else was wrong with the eyes. Grimacing,  Anderson kneels next to Nelson. 

    “What happened to his eyes?”

    “I dunno, sir. The coroner says they’re burned, but that doesn’t make any sense.”

    “Burned? You thinkin’ we’ve got a lighter-wielding psycho on our hands like that guy from last year?”

    “The arsonist?”

    “Yeah, except this guy makes it more personal.” chuckles Anderson, pulling out a pack of gum from his jacket. Popping a piece of gum in his mouth, he offers another to Nelson who declines. 

    “I dunno, maybe. It’s weird, though, because only the eyes are burned. Look.” Nelson uses his pen to point out various parts of the face around the eyes, “Only the eyes. None of the surrounding tissue is burned. Hell, the guy still has eyelashes.” 

    “Interesting... Hey, who’s the woman?”

    “Her?” questions Nelson, pointing over to the woman in the corner. “She’s the landlady as far as we can tell. Poor thing was the one that found this mess.”

    “Ah. I should’ve guessed.”

    “She’s been standing there the whole time. Doc checked her out, says she’s fine but, I don’t know. She looks terrified.”

    “Well, I’m assuming it’d be fairly traumatic, finding this guy.” 

    “I suppose. She hasn’t said a word for a while now.” 

    Directing his attention back to the corpse, Anderson checks the man’s jacket pockets. Finding nothing particularly interesting, he checks the pants. 

    “Well, I’ve got his wallet. Wonder if he’s got anything good.”

    Flipping open the black leather two-fold, Anderson finds the man’s drivers license.

    “Well, this is interesting.” says Anderson, examining the piece of plastic. Everything seems to be fine, except the name is burned off. 

    “His name is missing... it’s just like the eyes, too. Nothing else is burnt. Just the name.” comments Nelson, shifting uneasily.

    “Not to get too dramatic here,” says Anderson, checking the rest of the wallet, “But there’s something seriously creepy going on here.”

    “Agreed. Maybe she... Hey, where’d she go?” Nelson says, turning to find the woman gone. 

    “Nhận ra! Nhận ra trước khi tôi giết một lần nữa! Xin vui lòng, tôi cầu xin bạn!”

    With that, the frail, old woman’s skin falls to the floor, exposing the charred flesh underneath. The creatures mouth peels open, revealing it’s jagged, black teeth and unleashing an indescribably horrible sound. Anderson goes for his pistol, but it’s far too late. Flame erupts from every crack and crevice on the creature’s body, transforming the room into hell on Earth. For all its intensity, the inferno is over as soon as it begins. 

    The Creature, the Việc đốt những, surveys the room. Staring up at her are the burned out eyes of everyone in the room. Her mouth cracks into a smile, and she leaves the room. Vengeance is hers, but there is still much to be done. The Burning Ones will have their revenge.

The End

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