A Trick of the DarkMature

Across the globe, reports were flooding in.

People vanishing. Donated organs popping out of existence. Strange black spirals on the ground, on the walls, seemingly ubiquitous.

Wen smiled as his plans gradually began to coalesce. Everything he had worked for, he was about to attain. He had clambered out of the Seine when he had finally come to - after hitting his head on the bank from that height, it had taken an hour or two to regenerate enough brain cells to move again. Now, he had... acquired... a pleasant little dirigible from a little German man with a thick moustache and no windpipe. Oddly enough, he swore that upon meeting the man he had it - it must have just gotten lost in the conversation. 

He picked out a little larynx from between his teeth as he thought this. Lost. Yes...


Impossible. But as he focused more, he could feel it stronger than ever. A psychic disturbance, just north of Marathon in Greece. His mind was becoming more scrambled by the second as he tried to pick it out - the pain was becoming more and more intense...

The End

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