I can feel it dragging me down. Death is finally getting the better of me.

I'm going to miss this life of mine. 

I have strived for years to do good and fight this evil. 

Now, that same evil has stricken me into this... this oblivion.

The Contessa, my saviour... 

Marcel, my dearest friend...

Esmerelda - I will miss you, friend...


The Silver Shadow roared back from Tibet through the tunnels, Esme checking on the syringe of black blood as data poured through her mind. She willed the car to move faster - faster still - leaving black rubber marks along the floors of the tunnels and tearing through the cool air towards headquarters...


There has to be some strength left in me - I can't just give up like this. 

Everett Wen has lived this long, and if I have to, so can I.

I have to keep fighting.

I refuse to die at the hands of that sociopathic, vicious, violent...

The lips of the dying agent moved silently, struggling against the fade of death, fists trying to clench and teeth gritting...

...deviant, manipulative, cruel and callous...

His body began to shake with pain as the wounds began to take their toll for the last time - the black blood pouring out of them with abandon and the Contessa trying to stabilise the machines surrounding him.

The scream of hot rubber on tarmac suddenly came into the Contessa's frame of reference, and the sound of racing footsteps towards her - towards Armstrong. A smile began to break out on her face.


Esme dashed into the room, and thrust the string directly into the heart of Sherrinford Armstrong. She slammed down the plunger, and the black blood was injected deep into his flesh. A moment of silence - and then the miracle.

The wounds instantly began to close up, the heartbeat became regular, the body regained colour - life was restored. Just as it had been a hundred years ago. His eyes fluttered open briefly, and a warm smile beamed as he fell into a peaceful sleep - his heart beating stronger than before, the black blood coursing through him. 

"Now," the Contessa smirked. "To business, Esmerelda." The two ladies walked out from the room, leaving the mortal to rest. There was work to be done.

The End

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