A Silver ShadowMature

As soon as Armstrong entered the central garage through the spiralling circular door, he could sense her. It was definitely a her, though there was something feral beneath the overtones of Chanel No. 5 - something surging and violent, yet under control and refined. With immense control, he extended his open hand a perfect 96 degrees to the right and smiled.

"With all due respect, mademoiselle, your relation to the Contessa will not hide you from me. It is, however, an absolute pleasure to meet a lycanthrope on the correct side of the law." He felt a gentle hand take his and shake, and a cheery voice reply.

"Very astute, Mr Armstrong. My great-grandmother didn't lie, at least." He turned to face her, immediately struck by the long dark hair, ice blue irises flecked with warm amber, and a grin that brought a certain brightness to the room. However, it struck him as unusual that a young lady of such illustrious descent would choose to dress in jeans and a ragged green jumper. "Though how you could tell I was behind you, I don't know," she chuckled. 

Armstrong flashed a smile as she led him along towards a car at the centre of the garage - a sleek, smooth machine of precision and deftness that looked like it was made of mercury. The metal seemed to shimmer and move like water to the touch, all whilst remaining solid. He peeked inside, and noticed the lack of a steering wheel - instead, the entire dashboard was a single screen.

"I call it the Silver Shadow, Mr Armstrong. It runs on the same holo-tech that N.E.M.E.S.I.S. devised from the start - direct links to the mainframe. The exterior is a smart metal - crudely speaking, it's able to repair itself over a short time as well as being able to sense surroundings to a degree. The inbuilt psychic relay then..."

"You built this on your own, Esme." She stopped, and looked at the man who was now scrutinising her work. "You do take after your relative - meticulous, precise, and eternally focused on style." He looked up at her, and nodded with appreciation. "Shall we?"

The engine came to life as the duo sat down, Esme in the driver's seat, and the screen projected the display. The wheels began to roll, and the data flowed directly before them. He allowed his mind to empty, and immediately his eyes widened.

"Rome. Now. Step on it."

Another spiralling door opened, and the Silver Shadow blazed into the darkness.

The End

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