When in Rome...Mature

The shadows became fractals of purple-black before shattering into nothingness, fading to reveal the Colosseum before them in bathed in amber light in contrast to the darkness surrounding it. The two men in black suits remained with their eyes glazed over, stood stock still in perfect posture, whilst the man in the grey suit jerkily moved forwards. 

I can feel this body giving up on me - the fool! The wretched fool! How dare he try and take me on his own! This selfish bastard can't manage me, and yet some part of his stupid little brain thinks it can tame me? The little rat! Need to eat... need to devour... hungry... so damned hungry...

Where once the skin of the man in grey had been immaculately tanned, it was now pale and grey with the veins now golden and bulging grotesquely from beneath his skin. The eldritch force that had now overcome the mortal mind of the corpse now walking frenetically towards the Colosseum was almost fully solidified in place, and was quickly asserting itself. The hunger was now kicking in, and this body - this weak, fleshy little shell - was deteriorating at record speed. There was nothing- no. Wait.

Fat woman at three 'o' clock. Small child with her. 

Meals on legs.

He hobbled over furiously, revelling in the screams as he began to gorge...

The End

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