Epilogue: Back Home (seven yeard later)Mature

Epilogue: Home (Seven years later)

'MOTHER! MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER MOTH-E-E-E-E-E-E-R!!!' Gyllieum ran around the house his Slytherin tie flarring about his neck as everyone rushed around getting ready to go to platform nine and three quarters.

'What? What is it darling?' Crystal asked as sjhe carefully stumbled down the stairs. She was stopped however by her wife who rested a hand on her wrist.

'Are you sure you want to go? I really don't think you should, not in your condition'

Crystal glanced down at her protruding stomach and then returned her gaze to belle, arms folded over her chest 'there is no way in HELL I am missing Cara's first day!'

'Cara annnnnnnnnnnnd...?'

Crystal pulled a childish face '...and Mona'

Belle beamed like an idiot as she helped Crystal to the door. She turned around and shouted 'come on you lot! The train leaves at eleven!'

From over head a thunder storm of shoes against the hardwood floors echoed throughout the mansion. Soon all ten kids were bustling through the front door and along the street towards the train station.


'THERE YOU ARE!!!' Scarlet exclaimed cheerfully as the large family came onto the platform. 'WOW they've all grown so big!' the ex-Slytherin went around hugging the hoard of children.

Crystal chuckled and caressed her stomach soothingly as the children started climbing up on the train 'be good now you hear, and yes Tom and Dan I'm talking to you' Crystal glanced up warningly at the two thirteen years olds.

'What?' the twins chorused  in mock-insult their hair flashing a brilliant red before they grinned and started waving. Noah came up behind Daniel along with his twin Destiny and they wrestled their two young siblings into a compartment, all laughing merrily.

'Faith?' Belle called.

'Yes mum?'

'Can you and Joy look out for Caralisa and Ramona for us, if they get into your house?'

'Of course' Faith and Joy ushered Gyllieum and Caleb into the compartment and waited patiently on the platform for the two new arrivals.

'Quickly get on get on'

The two twin girls hugged both their mothers' waists 'we love you mum' they chorused together.

Crystal waved goodbye tears forming in her eyes as the train started to move away. Ramona and Caralisa poked their heads out of the window waving vigorously. Belletook hold of one of Crystal's hands as they watched the bright teal eyes of Caralisa and Lilac eyes of Ramona vanished amongst their other siblings. Once the train was out of sight Belle heard her wife sniffled. 'Hayfever?' she asked knowing full-well that Crystal would neevr admit to crying.

'Yeah' Crystal wiped her eyes 's-stupid hayfever' Belle smiled and entwined their figners. They walked back to their house with sad smiled on their faces.


Two days later...

Crystal was awoken by belle barging into their bedroom early on a Tuesday morning waving a letter about. 'IT'S FROM THE KIDS!' belle sang out. Crystal groaned and sat up. They opened the letter and read it together.

Dearest Mummy and Mumma,

Guess what?!!! Mona got into Slytherin!!! And yes before you start rabbiting on Noah is taking complete care of her. Cara got into Ravenclaw! She's so happy she gets to be with Faith and Joy!!! How is mumma's pregnany going along?

Hope you are well

All my love

Joy Zabini


Crystal nestled her head against Belle's chest. 'Well...at least we have another Slytherin-OW!' she protested when Belle nudged her shoulder playfully. Once Belle yawned Crystal opened her arms and allowed her wife to snuggle up beside her.


Three months later...

'ATTENTION ALL ZABINI STUDENTS!!!' everyone's head in the great hall snapped towards Dumbledore whom was standing. The Zabini children's ears were pricked ready to recieve any bad news. 'CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'RE MOTHER HAS DELIVERED A LITTLE GIRL AND BOY!!!' the hall burst into applause with the Zabini children leaping yup punching the air.

Noah hushed everyone for silence as a single black owl (the Zabini children recognised as their mummy's owl Hecate) swooped in and dropped a letter onto his head. He tore it open and read through it. He stood in shock happiness before walking like a zombie out to the beach tree by the lake followed by his frowning siblings. 'Noah what's wrong?'  Destiny asked. He handed her the letter. She sat down witht eh others' crowding around her.

To my darling children,

You now have a new baby sister and brother! We have decided to name them Joshua and Gabrielle! You can come home and visit them this weekend! Dumbledore's already agreed!

See you this weekend

All my love

Mummy (and mumma and the twins)


The Zabini children smiled sweetly as Destiny folded the letter away inside her robes. Their parents were always full of surprises. Now they had a new baby sister and brother to greet that very weekend! It was warmth and goodness all around.

                                                THE END

Wondering what happened to Jocelyn? Thought so. Well lets just say that Noah and Destiny "accidentally" tracked her down and "accidentally" ran over her in a car that was "borrowed" from the Ministry of Magic. Jocelyn "accidentally" died in the process. So yeah happiness all around.

                                                THE END


The End

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