Chapter seven: Gylliem

The twins gurgled within their little cot, their little legs wriggling within their cotton blankets. Belle was momentarily walking the perimetre of the ward stretching her aching muscles, every now and then returning to Crystal's side to peer into the cot. 'Anything?' Crystal asked belle the eighteenth time she circled the ward. The former-gryffindor merely shook her head. Crystal slumped back over the cot peering dazedly into their babies' eyes. Little Caleb and his nameless twin. After another circulation of the ward Crystao raised her head 'anything?'

'Um...' belle stopped and scratched the back of her head 'how about ... Gylliem?'

'Gylliem? Gylliem Zabini?' Crystal licked her lips and then smiled 'My, my, my Lestrange, you're actually getting creative' she teased.

Belle flexed her neck at the use of her former last-name 'makes a change, eh?'

Crystal opened her arms and embraced her sweetheart, kissing her head in the process 'mmm bumble-bee'

'Kitten' belle kissed Crystal's hand that was stroking her cheek. She peered into the cot and looked down at her nameless son 'hello my little Gylliem' she tickled his soft pudgy cheek.

'Caleb looks just like you...look' Belle followed Crystals' gaze and saw that indeed Caleb had her wide emerald eyes gazing up widely at them.

'Gylliem looks like your mother, Kitten' Belle stated kindly pointing out Gylliem's lilac eyes.

'She'll be so thrilled' Crystal commented dryly but soon melted into the searing kiss belle initiated. When they broke apart Crystal panted slightly 'w-what was that for?'

Belle shrugged 'my kitten deserves some special treatment after her little bee was so vicious' she purred kissing a trail up Crystal's throat.

'Nah bee, my little honey-bee, you were in labour, I'm not bothered'

Belle sighed contently 'I think it's time we called the kids so that they can visit us tomorrow morning, eh?'

'No, I'll do it, you just relax, okay?' Crystal insisted gently lowering belle into bed. 'I'll be right back'

'Okay' Belle watched lovingly as her mate / wife stalked out of the ward leaving an air of affection and protectiveness in her wake. Belle loved the way Crystal cared for her. And with a smile on her lips she went back to cooing to the new arrival's to their family.

The End

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